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Make the World a Better Place. Leave Your Country and Make a Difference.

Americans have a huge disadvantage in this world and that is this: they understand so little about the rest of the world. Most of the information that Americans digest comes from self-centered sources that feeds the American naval gazing. From the news media to pop culture to its short history, Americans focus largely on themselves. Foreign wars have exposed Americans to the rest of the world, but usually they go in with very little intelligence and the results can be disastrous. It is important for a person to be exposed to multiple cultures instead of just one. Most people around the world are exposed to multiple cultures, but this is especially difficult for the leading superpower of the world. Like the Roman empire, it’s all about Rome. The rest of the world is “just out there”. Sure, Americans travel for holiday to different parts of the world, but that is long enough to hardly know what the coffee tastes like.

Americans have a lot to offer the world. If they would leave the United States and live in another culture, they would reap the following benefits.

10 Reasons why you will benefit from living overseas:

  1. learn new languages
  2. understand different world views
  3. hear how Americans are viewed by other societies
  4. see U.S. politics from a totally different perspective
  5. feel the struggles of people different from themselves
  6. be exposed to new religions
  7. build compassion and new friendships
  8. contribute constructively to needy countries
  9. be ambassadors of peace
  10. learn humility

Obviously there are a lot more benefits for Americans to leave their country, but hopefully in the end by doing so they help make the world a better place.


Build Your Own House or Get an Expert Builder?

Let’s say that you want to build a house. You could do it all by yourself. It could save you a lot of money. You could read a few books to find out how to do it and then make up some blueprints. You could buy some land, cut down the trees and use machinery to cut up the wood into lumber and then start to build yourself a house (whew, that sounds exhausting). Now if you are building it yourself, it is probably not going to be very fancy unless you are an amazingly skilled builder. You will probably make mistakes along the way and have to redo some things or you might find that you forgot to do task A before task B and you have to undo task B to do task A first. Since you have never done this before,  there will be a lot of starts and stops while you figure out what to do next. It will probably be very exhausting work and at times very difficult to do by yourself. There might be things that you could do to the house to make it more energy efficient or comfortable to live in but you would have to know what to look for in order to find out more information about it.  However, not having built a house before, you could easily overlook something important. Assuming you had the money, it would be much easier to hire some experts like an architect or general contractor and tell them what you want and let them design it and find the skilled people to build it. You would end up with a better constructed house, more suited to your needs and it sure would be easier on you than doing all of the physical labor yourself.

Now, isn’t this what we sometimes do with just about every decision in life?  We want to do things on our own. We don’t want anyone’s help. Certainly not their suggestions on how to do it. We want to do it our way. But we have an expert in everything right at our fingertips. His name is God. He says to ask for wisdom and He will give it. This is coming from someone who knows us intimately, knows what will happen in the future and has the power and resources to do whatever He wants. But the trick is doing what He says. Sometimes we don’t want to do it His way. But you can trust Him with everything because He is God. There is no one else who is more trustworthy than him. The trick is asking Him what He wants you to do, and then wait for an answer and his guidance before starting something.

This can also apply to a person’s desire to serve God overseas on a missions trip. Whether it be a short-term missions trip or long-term, it is a very important decision that needs God’s input. Often we are the ones who want to choose the country or ministry activity. But God may have other plans. Maybe He wants you to go and be a witness to radical Muslim fundamentalists in Palestine. That’s what Brother Andrew does of Open Doors International. Or maybe God wants you to go and work in a remote area of Central Asia.  Or He may want you to serve the people in one of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. How about smuggling Bibles into closed countries? For more information on that, see the following:

Open Doors

Voice of the Martyrs

For opportunities in short and long term missions, see the following:



Adventures in Missions

Operation Mobilization

Creating Worship Music in Al Qaeda’s Backyard.

In the land of frankincense and myrrh not far from Al Qaeda headquarters, three music missionaries spent their Christmas holiday helping new believers record their first Christian worship songs. Included on the historic recording were women’s voices, something that almost never happens in that Muslim nation. One of the fathers could identify his girls’ voices and feared that persecution for his entire family could result if the girls were identified. Children’s voices were added to obscure the female tracks.

Some of the concepts in the songs were also obscure. So a foreign missionary who was fluent in Arabic helped strengthen the lyrics, even preserving the Arabic rhythm and rhyme. His comment:

“These first worship songs will help shape the theology of this nation. We must get the lyrics clear.”

This month, in a few scattered homes in the poorest of all Arab nations, handfuls of believers will celebrate the Savior for the first time with indigenous songs in their own dialect. One day at the Throne all redeemed humanity may include worship songs like those birthed near Al Qaeda headquarters as part of the doxologies of eternity.

Produced by the ministry Heart Sounds International.

North Korean Girl Gives Stunning Testimony at Lausanne Conference.

At the 2010 Lausanne Conference in South Africa, a stirring testimony was given by a young girl from North Korea.  There are over 200,000 North Korean Christians currently in prison inside this nation. Watch this video and consider how you can help.

Open Doors, the organization founded by Brother Andrew, provides scriptures and aid to North Korea.

Buy an Arabic Bible for an Iraqi Muslim for Christmas. $2 Delivered. (Or would you rather deliver it yourself?)

Hassan, an Iraqi, received a New Testament while in prison in his country. As a conservative Muslim, he would never have accepted it before, but in prison he read it straight through.

Then one night, Hassan dreamed about Jesus. In the dream, Jesus told Hassan, “I will set you free from this prison and help you to follow me.” In recent years, there have been many reports of Muslims having dreams about Jesus and then wanting to know more about Him.

Hassan was indeed freed from prison and had a strong desire to know more about the Gospel. Eventually, after studying God’s Word, he committed his life to Jesus. And then his wife and children and even his nephew all made the same decision!

God’s Word changes lives. You can help impact more Iraqis by putting Bibles into their hands. Right now a donation of just $2 will purchase a Bible for an Iraqi Muslim. You can also help purchase other Christian materials such as evangelistic DVDs and booklets.

Please consider joining us as we seek to help the “Hassans” of the Middle East come to know the One who can truly set them free.

You can donate securely on-line here, through a secure web site at Operation Mobilization.

Give the best Christmas present!

How to Finish Well in Your Career and Life.

We all want to some day look back on our lives and be pleased with how we lived. But in order to be able to do that, you need to put into practice now certain actions that will produce the results that will make you pleased. If you are a God-fearing person, then you also want your Maker to be pleased with how you spent the time He gave you to breathe on this earth. Were you a good steward of your time and resources? Here are a few tips on how to end well in life.

1. Focus on what is eternally important. Be a person who “walks in the light” and seeks to do good and avoid evil.

2. Read God’s word as a manual for life. Without a road map, you will be lost.

3. Trust God. When things seem like they are spinning out of control (or even when everything seems fine) remember that you will find true peace with God when you trust Him. Peace with God results in peace with yourself and others.

4. If you are married, love your spouse. If you are single, serve others.

5. Make right decisions and choices. Again, you’ll need God’s help and advice from good people. The Bible will also be a good source to help you make wise decisions.

6. Have a clear conscience before God. You know what you have done that is wrong, and so does God. Confess your sins and seek His forgiveness. Some day we will all stand before Him to give an account of our lives.

For the true believer, this is something to look forward to. Death is a door to REAL LIVING. It is a time to celebrate. Are you preparing for eternity? Use your time and resources to spread the knowledge of God and salvation through Jesus Christ throughout the world. Support missionaries, go on a missions trip yourself, help the poor, hand out Bibles, teach, preach, assist the weak, give hope to the hopeless, and share the love of Jesus with the world.

Factors Affecting Evangelical Christianity Around the World.

1.  Growing evangelical nominalism around the world.

2.  Second generation evangelicals are now amongst the previously unevangelized.

3.  Independent evangelical house churches on the rise.

4.  Unaffiliated evangelicals – they don’t link with any church.

5.  Evangelicals within mainline churches.

6.  Evangelical syncretism – post modern secular materialism infiltration.

7.  Insider movements – they are evangelical but remain within the religious framework of their culture’s religion.

The Challenge of the Unevanglized

1.  Where are they located?  Most are in southeast Asia and in rural areas.

2.  The unevangelized are growing in number.

3.  The main missional need is the undeniable cry for more short-term and long term missionaries!

Major Demographic Shifts

There is huge population growth in our world today. Asian provinces and states are exploding. They are becoming vast unreached “nations” in their own right. Recent religious growth and decline have become more closely related to fertility rather than proselytism.

The Impact of Immigration

Immigration is modernity’s greatest challenge. It is inevitable and unstoppable.

The Myth of Urban Evanglization

Most countries in the 10/40 window have huge rural populations. Only in 2009 did the world population flip to 50% residing in urban areas. Asia is the largest unevangelized region and most people still live in rural areas. This should help shape our world evanglization strategies. We can’t neglect the rural areas as missionaries tend to flock to urban areas.

Countries with the Fastest Growth in Christianity

1. Iran

2. Afghanistan

3. Gambia

4. Cambodia

Largest Countries with the Fewest Christians

1. China

2. India

3. Bangladesh

4. Indonesia

5. Turkey

6. Iran

7. Japan

The greatest need today for missionaries is in rural areas of southeast Asia. Who will go?  Look for long and short term missions trips at:

Largest Muslim Populations

Highest Christian Population

Evangelical Population

Unreached Peoples

source: Operation World