6+ Months Missions

If you want to know what it is like to be a missionary, look no further. Adventures in Missions is a mission organization located in Gainesville GA, USA, that provides opportunities for singles, couples, families and retirees to explore international missions with a variety of opportunities. Often one of the biggest obstacles is the required length of commitment. But Adventures in Missions believes that missionaries like Paul, should be spirit led in their travels, the length of time of service, and in their ministry activities. Look at these interesting missions opportunities from Adventures in Missions for individuals who will then do ministry on various teams:

Global Teams

  1. Cambodia
  2. China
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Ireland
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Peru
  7. Romania
  8. Swaziland
  9. Thailand
  10. USA
  11. and more!

Pioneering Teams

  1. India
  2. South Sudan
  3. Italy
  4. Jordan
  5. Spain
  6. Guatemala

Men Only Teams

  1. Turkey
  2. Nepal
  3. Morocco
  4. Australia

Specialized Missions Teams

  1. Anti-trafficking
  2. Trekking Adventure
  3. Arab World Outreach
  4. Medical & Mercy
  5. International Missions
  6. Children/Orphanage
  7. Missions to the Deaf
  8. “Manistry” Teams

One response to “6+ Months Missions

  1. hello
    i’m so delighted to be in touch with your holy mission of spreading god’s word,the teaching of our beloved jesus who died for our sins and who has made it easy for us to enter heaven,my problem is that i wish to know more about our lord and the fundamental concepts of christianity so that i might be a bearer of the right message and spread all over the world ,so for the fact that morocco is the homeland of people who follow false teachings and who can’t see the light of the true god,i can’t pray here,i can’t go to the church if there were any,so i wish you could give the needed help and make join one of your centers

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