International Missions Teams Working and Living in Community. Experience the Adventure!

men in missions

No matter where you live, community is important. But what is community? How do you define community? Everyone needs to be a part of a community and Adventures in Missions is a mission organization that understands how important this is for people who are considering international Christian missions. Working alongside like-minded people to accomplish an objective that is greater than their individual ambitions can provide great fulfillment and purpose.

Adventures in Missions seeks to develop leaders who seek to follow God and reach out to the world with the message of eternal hope through Jesus Christ. Our international missions opportunities involve doing ministry in community with like-minded believers. We work alongside the local churches whenever possible and seek to empower national believers to rise up to tell their communities about Jesus.

Through your actions of service, distribution of aid, community development, discipleship, Bible studies, prayer, friendship and lifestyle evangelism, community missions teams work together to bring glory to God.

As a Christian missionary, you can use your skills in relationship building, teaching, computers, information technology, evangelism, discipleship, construction, medicine, engineering, preaching, leadership, training, administration, logistics, management, music, communications, hospitality, mentoring, working with children, and so many more! No matter what your background or skills, God can use you to be a light to the nations!

All you need is a growing relationship with Jesus, confirmation from God that you are called, a teachable and flexible spirit, enthusiasm, and a servant heart.

Even if you are not sure where you want to serve, Adventures in Missions has missions coaches can help you find your best fit in missions. Needs and opportunities in missions are endless, and they understand that you want to do missions in community with others who have a desire like you to make a difference in this world!

These are some of the countries where you can be a missionary with Adventures in Missions!


South & Central America
Dominican Republic


Middle East

South Sudan


North America
United States

And check out their very cool missions programs for men!

Mediterranean Traveling Team


Contact them at 1-800-881-2461 and they will make your missions experience the best possible! They’ve got great missions coaches to help you! They helped me and now I’m on my way into missions!



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  1. Hi, I am doing a project on interpersonal conflict on the field and how that affects attrition. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on resources that might be helpful in this regard–could be particular books or journal articles. Thanks so much for any way you could steer me in the right direction!

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