Missions trips for those who want to explore how to be a missionary!

Adventures in Missions

Adventures in Missions understands your generation. No matter your age, they have various missions programs to accommodate your desired length of service as well as your area of interest.  Many people want to explore and test the waters of missions to see if this is a possible career into which God is calling them. Adventures in Missions has some unique opportunities in missions for prospective missionaries. Currently they are offering 6+ months and 12+ months long-term international missions trips for individuals who will do ministry in teams. Opportunities in missions exist for individuals to be apart of the following teams:

Global Missions Teams

  1. Cambodia
  2. China
  3. Dominican Republic
  4. Ireland
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Peru
  7. Romania
  8. Swaziland
  9. Thailand
  10. USA
  11. and more!

Pioneering Missions Teams

  1. India
  2. South Sudan
  3. Italy
  4. Jordan
  5. Spain
  6. Guatemala

Men Only Missions Teams

  1. Turkey
  2. Nepal
  3. Morocco
  4. Australia

Specialized Missions Teams

  1. Anti-trafficking
  2. Trekking Adventure
  3. Arab World Outreach
  4. Medical & Mercy
  5. International Missions
  6. Children/Orphanage
  7. Missions to the Deaf

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