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Eastern Europe Still Needs Christian Missionaries.

Eastern Europe tends to be a place that is sometimes forgotten or overlooked when it comes to Christian missions. Very few missionaries go there any more. After all, Ukraine, Romania, Russia and other Eastern European countries now have a large evangelical Christian population. So why go? They have churches and they’re doing just fine. Ah yes, be we’re forgetting some things. Eastern Europe can now become a sending field. Soon, more Eastern European Christians will have the intense desire to go throughout the world spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Their time has come. They will play an important role in reaching Western Europe and the ends of the earth with the Gospel message. Who knows, with the potential collapse of the Euro and the European Union, there could be civil strife in Western Europe and we could even see a mass movement of people from the western portions of Europe moving to the east!

One thing we do know, God doesn’t sit by idly just watching people slip into eternity without Him. He constantly pursues mankind. It started with Adam in the Garden of Eden. God called out to Adam, “Where are you?”  Of course He knew where Adam was hiding, but God wanted to demonstrate His character. We also should be pursuing people with the love of Christ and the truth of His Gospel message for it has the power to save people from eternity in hell! It’s not what we do, it’s what God does through His Holy Spirit. We’re just fortunate that we get to play a small role should we choose to get involved, get out of our comfort zones and get out there telling others what Jesus did for them. Who else would die for them? No one. Only God. How cool is that? We can hardly comprehend it. Most religions can’t. Muslims can’t begin to comprehend a God who is personal, intimate, able to take the form of a man and come to earth, and allow himself to suffer as a blood sacrifice for the sins of mankind. Blasphemy! Ah, but God isn’t like us. He doesn’t think like us and His ways are higher than ours. Praise be to God.

So why does Eastern Europe still need Christian missionaries? To set the example of sacrifice for a greater cause. To encourage the next generation to go throughout the world telling people about Jesus. And to stay connected with our brothers and sisters in that often forgotten part of the world.


Watch Where the Church is Growing the Fastest in the Muslim World!

North Africa is undergoing a spiritual awakening. From Morocco to Egypt, Muslims are searching for truth. Many are finding it but the persecution is fierce. Watch the video and be encouraged. People are being baptized weekly in many Muslim countries.

What is the Church and Should You Care?

What is the church?

From the teachings of the Holy Bible, the word “church” comes from the Greek work Ekklesia and it means: “the called out ones”.  The church is a group of people who follows Jesus Christ and are called to assemble and be unified. They are defined by a distinct purpose which is to bring glory to their Creator and be a witness of God’s power and love to the physical and spiritual world.

There is a process in building a church and Jesus Christ must be in the midst of that process. This does not refer to the building of an actual physical structure, but rather the church is the people themselves. The church must also be on guard because there are forces from within and forces from without that are trying to destroy the church.

The church is:

1.       A group of believers in which Christ dwells

2.       Bride of Christ

3.       Body of Christ    Eph. 4:15-16

“The church is a body of people called out from among the world for the distinct and unique purpose of glorifying their Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.”    Charles SwindollThe Church Awakening

Why is esteeming the church important?

1.       God created it. It is a part of His plan for the world. God has a greater purpose for the church than we understand. God assigns the highest value for His church – His people.

2.       Christ is the head of the church. That makes it pretty important!

3.       The church is the expression of Christ on earth.

4.       Christians are a part of the church and they have a responsibility toward it and a role to play in it.

If Christians don’t value the church, then they don’t value themselves because they are the church!

Christians must guard themselves from bailing out on their local church. Christians should not become their “personal church” or think they can benefit from church by watching it virtually. Christians should not forsake meeting together. They should also refrain from “steaming” the church and being critics who sit on the sidelines.

How can you esteem the church?

1.       Take an active role in a local church

2.       Befriend and encourage church leaders and members.

3.       Partner with a local church and make it a part of your life. Seek input and perspectives on life from the local church.

It is important that Christians avoid the mentality of “What can I get from the local church?” but rather, “What can I do for the local church?”  Also, esteem your church leaders. When was the last time you expressed appreciation for their hard work?

The church is a part of God’s plan for the world. That makes it rather important. The Bible clearly states that God will use the church to accomplish His purposes. Whatever you do and wherever you live, the local church should be a part of your life. You will be blessed.