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Creative Arts Team Impacts Kyrgystan Through Music, Dance and Drama.

Recently a creative arts team made up of OM Arts International’s musicians, dancers, and dramatists, toured in the country of Kyrgyzstan. As a local friend told the team, “The people here have seen a lot of trouble recently. They’re tired of the fighting and problems. They’re weary and they’re open. We want to bring them His peace.”
Despite the still somewhat unstable political situation in Kyrgystan, the arts team were able to perform in many memorable places. One such place was a facility for disabled men that – while improving – has seen years of total neglect and decay. Just last winter 70 of 300 men died of exposure to the cold. Now God’s Word is spreading, there are about 30 believers, and the physical conditions and atmosphere of the facility are changing. It was a great joy to share about God’s goodness and have the resident men dance for joy with the team’s music. Elsewhere, in prisons the team shared an original drama illustrating God’s forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation; and at one university, the arts team’s concert helped a local ministry gain 496 new contacts with whom they can follow up and share the good news of Jesus Christ.
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Artists in Christian Missions using Music, Dance, and Visual Arts

OM Arts International  is a family of ministries that exists to empower artists to engage their creative gifts in exalting God and extending His kingdom among the nations.

Read on for a list of these exciting ministries!

OM ArtsLink      

OM ArtsLink has a passion to see visual artists get involved in the Great Commission by uniquely impacting communities around the globe. Short term Missions trips to different countries around the world provide opportunities for visual artists to serve the Church and make Jesus Christ known amongst the unreached.

OM DanceLink

OM DanceLink desires to train, mentor and send dancers of all skill levels to use their gifts to minister and further God’s kingdom by proclaiming His name while on international short term missions trips.

Heart Sounds International    

Heart Sounds International exists to help ignite culturally relevant and Biblically appropriate worship especially in places where followers of Jesus Christ are restricted, persecuted or unknown.

Bill Drake Band             

Bill Drake and team present multimedia concerts with a unique focus. The concerts are not simply about music, but about God and experiencing the reality of Jesus in your life. The latest release is the “Crowns Experience” which will take you on a journey to find what you are willing to give your life for.



World champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm performs and speaks at youth events, outreaches, retreats, camps, festivals, corporate events and school assemblies around the world.  With extreme unicycling as his tool, Dustin’s one-of-a-kind performance captivates people of all ages.  He challenges his audiences to have the character to make good choices that change their lives.  In venues that permit, Dustin integrates his personal faith story and the impact that has had on his life.


OM Arts International
Excelling in arts in missions
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Dance for Jesus on Missions Trips!

As a part of the creative ministries team of OM Arts International called DanceLink, Linda travels to many different countries teaching men and women to worship God and share the Gospel through dance worship. During a recent trip to Asia, Linda met a young woman named Esther who had a life of forced prostitution and Hinduism. Linda felt a special burden for Esther. Out of all the dancers, Esther was the most disruptive and unhelpful. Linda felt the need to confront her, but before she could, Esther asked to give her testimony.

     “When Linda asked us to dance and listen for the voice of Jesus, I felt sleepy and giggly. Suddenly a voice said to me, ‘You belong to Me now. Stay awake, listen, and learn.’”
     Linda took the opportunity to explain that Satan wants to prevent us from hearing the voice of Jesus in our lives. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10).  Satan wants to rob us of ability to hear the Holy Spirit minister to us, but God has given us the strength to be still and listen to His voice over all the distractions in our lives. Esther took Linda’s words to heart and is now growing in her knowledge and love for the Lord Jesus.

Esther Finds Jesus Through Dance Worship
Here is more information about DanceLink