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How to Help People with Poor Vision with 1 Day of Training!

Our sight is a tremendous gift from God that we sometimes take for granted. As we age and need vision correction we are able have this provided. However, without vision correction many activities are extremely limited. In many areas of the world, hundreds of thousands of people are not able to continue their work, support their families or go about their day to day activities because of uncorrected poor vision. This is an area of ministry that can impact lives in an amazing way in only a few minutes!

Cheryl was introduced to the ministry of vision care a few years ago when she attended a class conducted by Dr. David Curtis, an optometrist. His eight hour class provides the tools for a lay person to be able to change lives through vision care. “It was an awesome experience to take the tools that I had learned and to then use them in a rural area in Peru.” said Cheryl. “People lined up for hours, some even sleeping overnight in the streets, in order to be examined and receive glasses. Ladies that could not see to sew could sew again! Men and women cried when they realized that they could now see to read the Bible again. Young people that could not read in school were excited that they could now see words on a board! One of the most dramatic differences we saw was a lady that was led to the clinic because her vision was so poor. She received the only pair of glasses that we had with us that had the strong amount of correction she needed. She was able to walk out of the clinic by herself!”

Dr. Curtis went on his first medical mission trip in January, 1999. He describes this first trip as a disaster! From that experience he worked on systems that would work under a tree out in a village. He experimented on the next ten trips and gradually worked out a fast effective system. When he was unable to recruit eye doctors, he created the “Eye Doc in a Box” seminar to train lay people to do eye clinics on the mission field.

Dr. Curtis has a passion to communicate the love of Christ by providing eye care in third world environments. He helps provide physical sight as a tool to show them how to receive spiritual sight. He has now been on 43 trips and examined 43,000 patients. His students from the seminars have examined over 30,000 patients that he knows about. His goal is for him and his team of students to examine 100,000 patients per year!

For more information or to reach Dr. Curtis in order to schedule a seminar at your church visit his web site: The information he teaches can be incorporated into existing ministries very easily and enhance any ministry area.

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Lots of free glasses for ministry can be acquired from the Lions Clubs.

“Truly the light is sweet and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.”  (Eccl. 11:7).


Medical Short Term Mission Trips Opportunities

Medical mission trips seek to mobilize medical professionals who have a passion for God and for people and who desire to help reach the nations with the Gospel.

Operation Mobilization (OM) has a worldwide presence so practitioners can go to specific countries from year to year, yet still make a long-term difference. The 5,400 long-term missionaries of OM will be there to address the ongoing physical and spiritual needs of those to whom you minister.

Opportunities exist for short-term missions teams, disaster response teams, ongoing health projects, long-term service, and financial support. All health professionals including dentists, nurses, doctors, EMTs, therapists, pharmacists, and counselors are needed.

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