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Exciting Missions Training and Trips for Creative Types!

Ooo la la, do you want to go on a missions trip to Italy? Europe: A needy mission field. Italy especially. The church is in decline in Europe and people like you can go and use your skills and talents to reach people with the message of hope through Jesus! Watch the video for more information and be inspired! Then pray about your next step!


International Short Term Missions Trips for Artists!

Operation Mobilization has short-term missions trips designed especially for visual, technical and performing artists. Using artistic skills, one is able to work with a team to bring the Gospel message to those who don’t know Jesus. Consider going on one of these trips or referring them to someone you know.

Transform North Africa:  July 4th-26th 2011
Come for the Transform conference in Rome, Italy, then fly to North Africa to form relationships with the local arts community, experience life in an Arab nation, and encourage long-term workers to reach out to others with the Gospel through art. Will include studio and gallery work, culminating in an exhibition.

Baja, Hungary:  July 9th-26th, 2011
Prepare to let Hungary inspire you! Lead art workshops at the English art camp and reach out to the local community by creating relevant artwork and seeking God’s heart for the area.

Germany:  July 25th- Aug. 7th 2011
Serve teenagers and encourage them by facilitating the Artzone at TeenStreet, OM’s international youth congress. Artzone is a place where teens can express themselves through art, learn new skills, and worship God.

Christmas Outreach in Belgium:   December 2011
If you have a couple of weeks free in December, why not pray about joining us to experience the Belgium culture and create some inspired artwork to exhibit at a Christmas market.

Further details about all of these outreaches and application information should be posted soon at: OM ArtsLink.  Please note that your portfolio and artist statement will be required as part of the application process. Any questions, email:

More information about arts in missions at:

Artistic Missions Team Reaches Out to Earthquake Victims in Italy

One year after an earthquake hit the town of L’Aquila in central Italy, citizens remain angry, depressed and frustrated. Except one.

A student asleep in her dorm when the earthquake hit, Antonella flew out of bed and cowered under a table, crying out to God to save her. In those horrifying moments, she gave her life to Christ—a true ‘foxhole prayer’, bearing fruit a year later. Miraculously, Antonella escaped; the stairwell in her dorm collapsed, but she found herself outside the building, running up the street away from the crashing structure.

Behind her, a human pyramid formed to rescue those trapped on the dorm’s upper floors. Several students died, but most made it out to safety. If you ask most Aquilinos about the earthquake, they will share their grief, their anger and frustration. If you ask Antonella, she will answer that it was the day her life truly began.

An OM ArtsLink short term missions team visited L’Aquila with the desire to bring a message of healing, salvation and hope. A local pastor introduced the team to Antonella.  Her joy, energy and laughter were infectious. Antonella became the team’s inspiration as they began to sketch, photograph, and paint her story.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” (Ps. 127:1)

While the goal was to bring a message of hope and restoration, God seemed to continually point to the corruption. That had to be dealt with first; if the city was to be rebuilt, its citizens would have to rebuild their hearts. Not an easy message to deliver! But in Antonella, a person whose heart had been radically changed, we had a compelling story. Rather than succumbing to the fear and blame, Antonella found her hope, strength and joy in Christ. The OM Arts team focused on that, producing 40 pieces of artwork that captured her story, and called the Aquilinos to examine their hearts. An exhibit was created in the town square and the final section portrayed the refreshment and healing that can come when God renews the heart.

The international OM Arts team literally created an outdoor gallery out of the rubble, fencing and scaffolding that surrounded them. They created a circular gallery, surrounding Antonella’s “foxhole” table. On the table: her story, with a stone sculpture of the cross, created from the rubble by our artist from Hong Kong. Hundreds of people filed through, reading her story, or hearing it personally from Antonella, studying the artwork, reading the artists’ statements, talking with OM Arts team members,  responding with written prayers on paper bricks, and posting them on our simulated “brick wall”—symbolizing a rebuilding of the walls of the city. Many lingered for over an hour.

Countless conversations and scores of books and Bibles went out to the hundreds of visitors that were welcomed. Antonella’s story also went out in the form of 500 printed brochures. Seeds of hope and truth were sown and will hopefully be watered by our loving Heavenly Father, who desires good things for the people of L’Aquila.

On the cover of the brochure of Antonella’s story was the following scripture.

“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.”—Isaiah 54:10

Shortly after the OM Arts team visited the city, two more earthquakes hit. You can find dramatic photos of the earthquake here: L’Aquila earthquake.

Below, you can watch a short video of the short term arts missions trip to Italy.

Artists in Christian Missions using Music, Dance, and Visual Arts

OM Arts International  is a family of ministries that exists to empower artists to engage their creative gifts in exalting God and extending His kingdom among the nations.

Read on for a list of these exciting ministries!

OM ArtsLink      

OM ArtsLink has a passion to see visual artists get involved in the Great Commission by uniquely impacting communities around the globe. Short term Missions trips to different countries around the world provide opportunities for visual artists to serve the Church and make Jesus Christ known amongst the unreached.

OM DanceLink

OM DanceLink desires to train, mentor and send dancers of all skill levels to use their gifts to minister and further God’s kingdom by proclaiming His name while on international short term missions trips.

Heart Sounds International    

Heart Sounds International exists to help ignite culturally relevant and Biblically appropriate worship especially in places where followers of Jesus Christ are restricted, persecuted or unknown.

Bill Drake Band             

Bill Drake and team present multimedia concerts with a unique focus. The concerts are not simply about music, but about God and experiencing the reality of Jesus in your life. The latest release is the “Crowns Experience” which will take you on a journey to find what you are willing to give your life for.



World champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm performs and speaks at youth events, outreaches, retreats, camps, festivals, corporate events and school assemblies around the world.  With extreme unicycling as his tool, Dustin’s one-of-a-kind performance captivates people of all ages.  He challenges his audiences to have the character to make good choices that change their lives.  In venues that permit, Dustin integrates his personal faith story and the impact that has had on his life.


OM Arts International
Excelling in arts in missions
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Artists’ Gallery an Inspiring Place of Restoration and Hope

 “Wow!” exclaimed Fetiha as she stepped into the door with two other North African friends. She walked around, a hot glass of mint tea in her hand, and took in the transformation of the warehouse-turned-
art-studio.  Artwork from a mixture of local artists and immigrants graced the walls of the lively-colored space. Some sat on modern couches and talked about the work while others milled about and chatted with artists. Several children, paint brushes in hand, added their personal touches to the mural, a work in progress. The images in the mural illustrated life, love, community, and freedom. Bright colors and a splash of graffiti lettering reminded guests that art is for everyone.

After much prayer, dreaming, hard work, and messy hands, the opening night of the art studio and gallery in Spain was quite an event.  The place heated up as a mixture of people from various cultures and backgrounds took in the art and toured the new space. One believing artist whose work was exhibited noted that interest in her work spawned several conversations about birth and rebirth, loss and second chances. She found a natural way to connect with viewers and plant seeds of hope.

Pray that workers at the art studio will be a positive spiritual influence in the city. As they live out a community of Kingdom values, pray that others would be drawn in by their love and joy. Also pray for financial sustenance from the workshops and events they will offer at the studio.