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Social Justice Overseas Service Opportunities.

The cry for justice goes out from the peoples of the earth. Can you hear it? The oppressed and downtrodden poor from the nations cry out for help.  Do you have a desire to get involved in social justice issues and do something about it?  The world is full of injustice and the body of Christ has the responsibility to make a stand and to speak out for those who have no voice. Many of those that are caught in the web of injustice are women and young children. In every major world city, there are women and boys and girls who are suffering at the hands of the unjust and they need help desperately. You can help by joining a team of like-minded people who band together to help those who are too weak to help themselves. Many are victims of human trafficking.

Adventures in Missions is one mission organization that has a passion for social justice. They have programs that will help you get from your couch to the nations to touch the lives of the oppressed. You won’t do it alone but with a team of people who have similar passions as yours. Be a light yourself or send others to the nations and bring about positive change that will transform lives, communities, and nations!

Consider the following nations where social justice advocates are needed!

Cambodia, Thailand, Morocco, China, Romania, India, South Sudan, Turkey, Nepal, and many more!


Clay, the Gospel and a Potter on a Missions Trip

The oldest Potter in the world is God Himself.  He formed Adam “out of the dust of the earth,” and made Adam “in His own image.” He has passed that same spirit of creativity on to us, and it was a joy for Chuck to share that message with a group of children in rural Moldova.  Chuck’s church partnered
with Operation Mobilization (OM) and traveled to a small village near the Romanian border, to work with a local pastor and the OM Moldova team in a children’s program. 

Unsure of where to get quality pottery clay in Moldova, Chuck brought the clay with him. Getting two 50lb boxes of clay through customs was an interesting challenge, but he got through!  With help from one of the Moldovan translators, Chuck taught the children some basic exercises and shapes, and then let them use their imagination to create what they wanted.  Chuck also met Peter, a local potter, and they spent some time sharing together.  A good sized block of the clay was given to bless him and his work. The OM Moldova team then took another block of clay to a similar children’s program at a church in another small village. The pastor’s wife there, an artist herself, was very appreciative, since she finds it difficult to obtain quality clay. 

Next year Chuck would like to return again with another opportunity to minister to children of various ages and continue to build bridges to share the Gospel message. If you are interested in arts missions trips, contact OM Arts International.

$25 feeds an “untouchable” Indian child at school for an entire year!


More than 15,000 of the poorest children in India, from the severely oppressed Dalit people, known as “untouchables,” have hope for the future. Education would normally be out of reach for them, but they are students in Operation Mobilization’s nearly 100 Dalit schools. The English-based education offers them future job opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. In addition, the students take what they learn in school about God and His love and share it with their families at home.

But many of these children are from families who don’t have enough money to provide lunch for the school day. A good education is available at no cost, but the children are hungry and undernourished. Approximately 50% of India’s children suffer from malnutrition, and most of those are among the Dalits.

OM is addressing this need with a new program which will provide a healthy meal to the children who cannot bring lunch to school. And a generous supporter is matching gifts given for this so that the amount is doubled–and the impact is doubled.

Your gift of $25 will be matched and become $50! And that $50 will feed a child for an entire school year–200 days! Gifts of any amount will be doubled. $50 becomes $100 and feeds two children!
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