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Christian Music and Dance Leads to Newfound Joy

photo by Sharaya Drake
During a recent OM Arts outreach in Slovakia with the Bill Drake Band alongside an OM DanceLink performance, Mary had the opportunity to lead a woman to Christ. Months before Mary’s mission trip, she
prayed that the Lord would use her to reveal the heart of God to someone. Mary was part of the outreach team that accompanied the OM Arts missions trip.

Towards the end of the concert, Mary overheard a man loudly saying “Katolícka!” while pointing his finger at the woman.  She appeared to be in her forties, wore dark clothing, and sat lifelessly on a plaza bench.  More notable however, was the empty, blank look on her face. Apparently the man was chiding the woman for being a Catholic and praying to Mary, Jesus’ mother.

The man asked Mary to speak to her. Her name was Aranka. Mary, having come from a Catholic background, knew how sensitive one could be when one’s beliefs, true or false, are challenged. Gently, Mary explained to Aranka the way of salvation through Jesus Christ. Aranka listened carefully, asked Mary questions, and stated bluntly that she had no joy in her life. Mary told her that if she had Jesus living in her heart she would know true joy. To Mary’s surprise and delight, she promptly asked how she could get Jesus into her heart! Mary reviewed the Gospel essentials and asked if she understood and believed, and Aranka indicated she did. Then Mary prayed that God would reveal Himself to her. Mary excitedly told her that she had now passed over from death to life and she was now a part of the family of God. The two women briefly talked about praying, reading the Bible, meeting with other believers, and Mary gave her information about the local church.

Aranka thanked Mary and for the first time during their encounter, Aranka’s face softened and then she smiled.

Excelling in arts in missions
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What a short term missions trip did to a pastor!

A senior pastor recently went on a vision mission trip with OM to the Middle East. Here is what he wrote about the transformation he experienced in his life and ministry when he returned:

1. My preaching has changed. I have a greater zeal to see the church become the mobilized body of Jesus and it is reflected in my challenges.

2. My approach to the gospel has changed. I grew up with the 4 Spiritual Laws, the Romans Road, the Bridge Illustration, etc…now I encourage people to tell their story, to tell the stories of Jesus.

3. My marriage has changed.

4. My view of the church has changed. I am thinking about how to become a mobilized church for Christ that is centered on the true mission imparted to us by Christ.

5. My view of young people has changed. We are investigating how to get our high school seniors to give one year of their like to missions immediately after graduation.

6. My prayer life has changed. I am much more global in my prayer life. I am planning with my missions team, a half day of prayer to pray for the nations.

7. My view of community has changed. My eyes opened for a deeper need for community – of celebrating (as a body of Christ) more often together.