Picture yourself working as an overseas missionary!

Missionary work isn’t for sissies. If you’d like to read some exciting stories, lookJerusalem for Ruth Tucker’s excellent book “From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya.”  It is filled with fantastic stories about missionaries from all over the world throughout the centuries. Some of the stories will make you want to get on a plane tomorrow and share the Good News with those who have never heard. There are still 2 billion people who don’t know much about Jesus. Many of them are Muslim. Many governments have made the Bible a forbidden book and have kept the truth from their citizens. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped those who are sincerely searching for truth. And Jesus said that if they truly seek, they will find. Today more than at any other time in history, people from Muslim backgrounds are finding new life in Jesus! And God gets all the credit as his Holy Spirit opens up hearts and minds to his truth. Bible distribution amongst those who have not yet even seen a Bible is very important. No matter your age, you can still be a messenger of God’s word! Give it away! Soul-saving truth is the best gift you could give to someone!

“Mohammed, Jesus & Me” A true story that makes a great gift.

Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas? How about a book with this title: “Mohammed, Jesus & Me”. It will surely get their attention. People are in need of good news and a different perspective on the Muslim world and what God is doing there. This book makes a great gift!

The story of Hazem Farraj. Amazing!

The story of Hazem Farraj. Amazing!

This book is available at:  Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, iTunes and on Hazem’s web site www.hazemfarraj.com

Hazem Farraj and his stories from the Holy Land.

Watch and listen to this young man filled with the Holy Spirit whose words of truth will make your ears tingle. God has obviously anointed him to preach good news to the poor and suffering. He brings a message of hope especially to Muslims. Coming from a Muslim background himself, Hazam knows what it is like to live in darkness and then come into the light! He has experience a re-birth and new life and it shows! He is a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus.  May his love and zeal for Jesus be contagious to us all!

Ex-Muslims praying to Jesus in the Dome of the Rock Mosque. There are many.

From North Africa to Indonesia, you will find many ex–Muslims who have found a new faith. They have found God – finally. They have found Jesus.

Read the following testimony of one such young man. There are many more like him.

Mohammed Jesus And Me Book


When Hazem Farraj was 15, he became a follower of Jesus. But as a Palestinian Muslim living in east Jerusalem, he couldn’t tell anyone, especially his father.

“For almost three years I was a secret believer. I would go to the local mosque and to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and pray like a Muslim, but in my heart I was praying to Jesus.”

Today Farraj, 27, is very public. He lives in California and hosts Reflections, a Christian TV show in English and Arabic. He is grateful for everything in his life, he says, but he has also made sacrifices for his faith.

Farraj was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1984. Like many immigrants, his father insisted the children speak Arabic at home. An observant Muslim, he worked hard to teach his children about Islam.

When Farraj was 12, his father moved the family back to Beit Hanina, a middle-class east Jerusalem suburb. The large family of 13 siblings studied Islam, and many of them became more committed Muslims.

“Islam says to pray five time daily – I only prayed four times, because I was too lazy to get up for the early morning prayer,” Farraj recounts. “Do the prayers. Memorize the verses from the Koran. Go to Islamic class and the mosque. It was all just actions to me. The deeper I got into Islam, the more depressing it was for me.”

Farraj decided the solution was to convert some Christians to Islam. He approached his upstairs neighbors, Christians, and they began a discussion that lasted more than a year and a half.

“I said to them, ‘What if I told you that God can answer your prayers in the name of Allah,’” he recalls. “Now, he wasn’t answering my prayers, but I needed something to hold onto. They told me things I was searching for, like ‘Cast your worries upon Jesus, who cares for you’ and ‘God so loved Hazem that He gave His only son for him.’”

When Farraj was 15, he attended an east Jerusalem church with these neighbors. He does not want to name the church, fearing it could become a target of attacks.

“I sat in the last pew in the back corner, and I saw something I had never seen,” he recalls with a wistful smile. “I saw a guy named Steve singing with a guitar and smiling as if he knew Jesus. I saw people at the altar raising their hands and loving God, and it made me mad because I wanted it to be the God of the Koran.”

He fled to a downstairs room, where he lay a piece of carpet on the floor and prayed facing Mecca in Saudi Arabia, according to Islamic rules.

Nothing happened. He went back upstairs to the church, and, he says, became a Christian.

“I started to pray in the name of Jesus and something happened on the inside that transformed me,” he remembers.

Soon afterward, the second intifada broke out, and his father moved the family back to the US.

Farraj continued to practice as an underground Christian. Finally, just before his 18th birthday, he told his father that he had become a Christian. His father cut off all contact with him, and Farraj has not seen him since.

The pain hurts even 10 years later.

“You don’t ever get over it, you just get through it,” he says. “It has left me wounded even today.”

He also has no relationship with his stepmother or his siblings.

At age 18 he followed his former neighbors to Alabama, where they had moved.

“I slept for six months, and when I wasn’t sleeping I was eating – I weighed 225 pounds and I was so depressed,” he recalls.

“Then one day I came across a Christian TV station, and there was this preacher. This voice inside me – I believe it was the voice of God – said, ‘I’ve called you to this.’ I knew it meant that I was called to tell people about Jesus and to help them come to prayer.”

His TV show, Reflections, reaches millions of viewers around the world.

Farraj says there are “many” underground Christians in Arab countries today, and that he gets emails thanking him from around the Arab world.

He also gets death threats.

David Parsons, the media director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, says there are “hundreds” if not “thousands” of underground Christians in the West Bank.

“There’s a lot of upheaval in the Arab and Muslim world right now. Some are saying ‘Islam is the answer,’ but there are a lot of Muslims who know it has been tried it for hundreds of years and it’s not the answer. As a Christian I would attribute it to the movement of the Holy Spirit. People are looking for answers.”

Parsons says the International Christian Embassy has opened branches in “several North African countries.”

Farraj says his recent trip to Jerusalem was to recharge his own batteries and to meet underground Christians.

“I love Jerusalem,” he said with a grin. “I’m here to enjoy the spirituality of Jerusalem and to encourage the believers. I thought I was the only ex-Muslim in the world, but they’re really everywhere.”


Muslims are looking for hope. They are finding Jesus and being set free from the Satanic bondage of Islam!

For more information about Jesus click here:  Who is Jesus?

Read more about Farraj.

Stop Watching the News and Be Encouraged. Watch this!

Amazing work of the Holy Spirit amongst Muslims who have found Jesus.

Amazing work of the Holy Spirit amongst Muslims who have found Jesus.


God is doing amazing things in the Muslim world. You need to know about it. You won’t see this on CNN or Fox News!

International Missions Teams Working and Living in Community. Experience the Adventure!

men in missions

No matter where you live, community is important. But what is community? How do you define community? Everyone needs to be a part of a community and Adventures in Missions is a mission organization that understands how important this is for people who are considering international Christian missions. Working alongside like-minded people to accomplish an objective that is greater than their individual ambitions can provide great fulfillment and purpose.

Adventures in Missions seeks to develop leaders who seek to follow God and reach out to the world with the message of eternal hope through Jesus Christ. Our international missions opportunities involve doing ministry in community with like-minded believers. We work alongside the local churches whenever possible and seek to empower national believers to rise up to tell their communities about Jesus.

Through your actions of service, distribution of aid, community development, discipleship, Bible studies, prayer, friendship and lifestyle evangelism, community missions teams work together to bring glory to God.

As a Christian missionary, you can use your skills in relationship building, teaching, computers, information technology, evangelism, discipleship, construction, medicine, engineering, preaching, leadership, training, administration, logistics, management, music, communications, hospitality, mentoring, working with children, and so many more! No matter what your background or skills, God can use you to be a light to the nations!

All you need is a growing relationship with Jesus, confirmation from God that you are called, a teachable and flexible spirit, enthusiasm, and a servant heart.

Even if you are not sure where you want to serve, Adventures in Missions has missions coaches can help you find your best fit in missions. Needs and opportunities in missions are endless, and they understand that you want to do missions in community with others who have a desire like you to make a difference in this world!

These are some of the countries where you can be a missionary with Adventures in Missions!


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And check out their very cool missions programs for men!

Mediterranean Traveling Team


Contact them at 1-800-881-2461 and they will make your missions experience the best possible! They’ve got great missions coaches to help you! They helped me and now I’m on my way into missions!


Real Men Burn Their Ships!


At its height in 1519, the Aztec Empire covered some 80,000 miles in central and southern Mexico and ruled between 5 and 6 million people. That same year, when Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortés arrived to begin his conquest of this vast empire, he brought with him only 508 soldiers, 100 sailors and 16 horses. Not exactly an army – or at least not one likely to be feared by what was then the Western hemisphere’s most powerful nation.

As legend has it, after his men got ashore, Cortés burned the ships that brought them. He wanted his men to understand fully that their only option was to win or die – there would be no retreat. Knowing their options were limited now, the Spanish army would fight harder and with more determination.

Interestingly, though, the message Cortés sent was not just intended for his army. After word of what happened on the beach spread, the Aztecs knew that the Spanish were literally fighting for their lives at every juncture. This meant that the Aztecs would be unable to force the Spanish to retreat because there was nowhere for the invaders to go. On the other hand, with an entire empire behind them, the Aztec forces would always be aware of their own option to retreat. In the face of the Spanish commitment to total victory, the Aztecs would themselves be more inclined to retreat and less inclined to fight hard to hold ground.

By 1521, Cortés and his small army had conquered the Aztecs. While it is clear that superior weaponry and military training gave the Spanish certain advantages in this situation, it is also clear that Cortés’ strategy and the value of his commitment to it, was invaluable to the final outcome.

BURN THE SHIPS MEN!  No turning back!  No retreat!  Surrender it all!  Don’t look back!  Men, we have great days ahead of us.  God has called us to a task to great for us to do.  We must cut every tie with this world and press on knowing this battle is not ours, but the Lords.  Seek Christ!  Seek Him!  Nothing is Greater!  It truly is in seeking Christ that we are at our most powerful.  In the gospel of Luke it says Herod, a king, greatly feared John the Baptist.  Not because he was at the head of a great army, but because he was righteous and holy.

Burn all ties with this world…seek Christ first with reckless abandon!  And watch your greatest enemies fall at your feet.  Watch your greatest temptations fall by your sword.  Watch the great work of God unfold in front of you! And if you want overseas adventure, consider the Men on Missions SEALS team or the Mediterranean Traveling Team with Adventures in Missions!

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