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Exciting Missions Training and Trips for Creative Types!

Ooo la la, do you want to go on a missions trip to Italy? Europe: A needy mission field. Italy especially. The church is in decline in Europe and people like you can go and use your skills and talents to reach people with the message of hope through Jesus! Watch the video for more information and be inspired! Then pray about your next step!


Somali Civilians and Pirates Look to Music for Hope.

Somalis are living in the most incredibly impoverished situation that is beyond our imagination. Faced with no work, food, future or hope, Somali men and women grasp onto anything that provides an escape. Fishermen have turned to piracy to earn money, and this money has fueled more piracy. With a failed government in place, there is lawlessness on the streets. Like the youth around the world, many young people turn to music as an escape but also as an expression of their dire situation. Even though music is banned under strict Islamic law, it is the language of all peoples, especially the younger generation. Some Somali pop artists have become famous inside the country, and Somali’s living outside the country follow them with great loyalty. But music, like drugs, can’t provide the more long-lasting hope that people need. Where will that hope come from? There is only one source. Let us hope and pray that the people of Somalia find it.

The Impact of Music in Christian World Missions.

When reading through the Psalms, it becomes obvious that there is an inextricable link between music and missions. The Psalms are a collection of God-breathed songs. And these divinely inspired musical pieces are filled with lyrics that express through the songwriter God’s desire to be known and worshiped among all the nations in the world. Therefore, God Himself has created music as a way to mobilize His people to engage in worldwide missions.

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Share the Gospel in Beirut this Christmas

Did you know that you can be a part of bringing the Gospel to thousands of young people in the Middle East this Christmas?

Through music, the Word of God, storytelling, and other art forms, the Gospel will be brought to Lebanon this December. The Bill Drake Band, a ministry of OM Arts International will have the opportunity to minister to thousands of young people in Beirut.
Working with local churches, the Gospel will be presented in schools and concert venues around the city. This is an unprecedented opportunity!
$12,000 needs to be raised to cover airfare, food, lodging and transportation for the team of 8.
Will you pray and partner with us to help illuminate the truth of Christmas for people who so desperately need to hear this message?
For residents of the USA, give securely online by clicking here.
Or give a support gift through your local OM office with the notation: OMUSA-9071BDBL10   Click here for your local OM office.

 Using the Arts to Spread the Gospel

Sounds of Global Worship Virtual Tour

More information on the efforts of creating global worship music can be found at:
OM Arts International

Excelling in arts in missions

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Bill Drake Band Concert in Europe Touches Hearts

“Are you stealing from Jesus?  Did Jesus get what he paid for?  Is what you’re living for, worth dying for?”

About 10,000 people were asked these three life challenging questions during concerts by the Bill Drake Band as they toured 12 cities and towns over a two and a half week period in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Secular Europe needs to be challenged by such questions. Through the concert message, people gave their lives to Christ or were provoked to live an uncompromising life of Christian service and Love.

OM Arts offers opportunities for visual, performing and technical artists in Christian missions. Contact us for more information.

Excelling in arts in missions
imagine – illuminate – impact!

Artists in Christian Missions using Music, Dance, and Visual Arts

OM Arts International  is a family of ministries that exists to empower artists to engage their creative gifts in exalting God and extending His kingdom among the nations.

Read on for a list of these exciting ministries!

OM ArtsLink      

OM ArtsLink has a passion to see visual artists get involved in the Great Commission by uniquely impacting communities around the globe. Short term Missions trips to different countries around the world provide opportunities for visual artists to serve the Church and make Jesus Christ known amongst the unreached.

OM DanceLink

OM DanceLink desires to train, mentor and send dancers of all skill levels to use their gifts to minister and further God’s kingdom by proclaiming His name while on international short term missions trips.

Heart Sounds International    

Heart Sounds International exists to help ignite culturally relevant and Biblically appropriate worship especially in places where followers of Jesus Christ are restricted, persecuted or unknown.

Bill Drake Band             

Bill Drake and team present multimedia concerts with a unique focus. The concerts are not simply about music, but about God and experiencing the reality of Jesus in your life. The latest release is the “Crowns Experience” which will take you on a journey to find what you are willing to give your life for.



World champion unicyclist Dustin Kelm performs and speaks at youth events, outreaches, retreats, camps, festivals, corporate events and school assemblies around the world.  With extreme unicycling as his tool, Dustin’s one-of-a-kind performance captivates people of all ages.  He challenges his audiences to have the character to make good choices that change their lives.  In venues that permit, Dustin integrates his personal faith story and the impact that has had on his life.


OM Arts International
Excelling in arts in missions
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