Hear the Cry of the Navajo Indians.

photo (35)

Alcoholism is rampant. Hopelessness is increasing. Injustices are surfacing. Suicide is skyrocketing. Jesus is present – with arms stretched open wide. “But I want to see Jesus!” One woman exclaims. Will you go to the Native American peoples and stretch your arms out to them so they can see Jesus?

It’s easy to write out a check and send $100 to some mission organization. It’s harder to go down to the inner city and sit with people in the park or on the streets and help them see Jesus. It’s easy to hand someone a plate of food at a homeless shelter. It’s harder to get involved with their lives and ride the ups and downs. Many have heard the truth. Many have embraced Jesus. But there are those who have so much pain that they have turned to anything that can provide some escape and relief. The pain is so great that they lack the faith that God can help them take it away. Rape, abandonment, incest, neglect, the list goes on and on. But Jesus’ love goes on and on. They just don’t know where to find it. Pray for Native Americans today. They were shafted by the white man long ago. They are still reaping the consequences. But Jesus wasn’t white. Jesus was God in the flesh come to save and restore. Be God’s messenger today!


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