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Factors Affecting Evangelical Christianity Around the World.

1.  Growing evangelical nominalism around the world.

2.  Second generation evangelicals are now amongst the previously unevangelized.

3.  Independent evangelical house churches on the rise.

4.  Unaffiliated evangelicals – they don’t link with any church.

5.  Evangelicals within mainline churches.

6.  Evangelical syncretism – post modern secular materialism infiltration.

7.  Insider movements – they are evangelical but remain within the religious framework of their culture’s religion.

The Challenge of the Unevanglized

1.  Where are they located?  Most are in southeast Asia and in rural areas.

2.  The unevangelized are growing in number.

3.  The main missional need is the undeniable cry for more short-term and long term missionaries!

Major Demographic Shifts

There is huge population growth in our world today. Asian provinces and states are exploding. They are becoming vast unreached “nations” in their own right. Recent religious growth and decline have become more closely related to fertility rather than proselytism.

The Impact of Immigration

Immigration is modernity’s greatest challenge. It is inevitable and unstoppable.

The Myth of Urban Evanglization

Most countries in the 10/40 window have huge rural populations. Only in 2009 did the world population flip to 50% residing in urban areas. Asia is the largest unevangelized region and most people still live in rural areas. This should help shape our world evanglization strategies. We can’t neglect the rural areas as missionaries tend to flock to urban areas.

Countries with the Fastest Growth in Christianity

1. Iran

2. Afghanistan

3. Gambia

4. Cambodia

Largest Countries with the Fewest Christians

1. China

2. India

3. Bangladesh

4. Indonesia

5. Turkey

6. Iran

7. Japan

The greatest need today for missionaries is in rural areas of southeast Asia. Who will go?  Look for long and short term missions trips at:

Largest Muslim Populations

Highest Christian Population

Evangelical Population

Unreached Peoples

source: Operation World


Human Rights Violated: Sex Trafficking of Children

Sex trafficking in India has grown in recent years. Often children are involved in this activity and not by choice. Most are tricked, forced or sold into prostitution. There are an estimated 300,000 children who are involved in India’s sex trade. Daughters, sisters, children – involved in prostitution and robbed of their childhood. They are betrayed, trapped and “for sale”.

Various organizations are working with local authorities to take action in rescuing minors from prostitution. The girls are removed from the brothels and then brought to “safe homes”. Court cases are then brought against the owners of the brothels.

No effort of love or justice is wasted. God loves these little girls. Jesus died for them. You can help. Learn more by going to the web sites below:

Freedom Firm

Human Trafficking

International Justice Mission

Prayer Guide for the Countries of the Mediterranean

Day 1   Albania
•    Pray that the eyes of Albanians will be opened and that they will move from darkness to light.
•    Pray for unity among Christians and between churches.
•    Pray that Albanian Christians will have a desire to know God better and to share His truth with others.

Day 2   Algeria

Christian Martyrs still have a Voice

Music video for Bill Drake’s song, “Wear the Crown” made by Voice of the Martyrs.

Written in response to the martyrdom of Christian missionary Bonnie Witherall whose story you can read below the video.

Bonnie and her husband, Gary were serving the Lord in Sidon, Lebanon with Operation Mobilization. As a nurse, Bonnie’s primary ministry was helping in a clinic, giving pre- and post-natal care to women from a nearby refugee camp. In the process of learning the Arabic language, Bonnie was able to communicate well with the Muslim women who came to the clinic. When words did fail, her warm, sunny smile and sparkling eyes conveyed her love and compassion across all cultural and linguistic barriers.

On the morning of November 21, 2002, Bonnie went to the clinic. Gary was awakened by the ringing telephone. The voice on the other end was barely coherent. All Gary could grasp was that something terrible had happened and that he needed to get to the clinic right away.
Gary arrived at the clinic and was gang-tackled by two soldiers and he was forced into the next room. All he had seen was a glimpse of his wife’s legs through the clinic door. There could be no doubt that Bonnie was dead. Someone had followed Bonnie as she unlocked the clinic door that morning and had shot her three times in the head at point-blank range. As Gary lay on the floor in shock and grief, he heard the Lord say, “A seed has been planted in your heart today. It is a seed that will turn from anger to hatred or from forgiveness to love. You need to choose.” Lying there in a living nightmare, Gary whispered to the Lord, “I surrender all to You,” over and over again. In that instant Gary chose forgiveness over hatred, and the Lord gave him unprecedented opportunity to appear on national television in Lebanon and proclaim forgiveness to his wife’s murderer.

For a free “Wear the Crowns” CD, please email name and address to OM Arts at:

World Drinking Water Facts

The following are facts regarding the global water situation. The availability and usage of water portends to be an issue that will present

Trends in Christian World Missions

The Changing Face of Christian Missions

Until 1980 most Christian missionaries came from western nations. But as the church has begun to grow rapidly in Latin America, Southern Africa and parts of Asia, countries that once received missionaries are catching the vision to be sending countries. One region of the world that these countries are sending missionaries to is the Muslim world. These missionaries are active in discipleship, literature distribution and church planting. They are also welcoming short term missions teams and groups and exposing people to the work of God. 

Helping Fulfill the Great Commission

The international Christian mission organization, Operation Mobilization (OM), has been committed to mobilizing Christians from all nations to fulfill the Great Commission. The historic change in the world missions’ movement gave even greater momentum to OM’s efforts to reflect the diversity of the body of Christ.

By 1999, South Korea and India joined the USA and the UK as the largest missionary sending nations in the world. Today a large percentage of missionaries being sent out now come from new sending nations.

Missionaries and Christian mission agencies are empowering and supporting churches in these regions as they reach their own nations and encouraging them in their participation in world missions.

What is YOUR personal vision statment?

1.  Spreading the light of Christ where the darkness is greatest.

2.  Making disciples of Christ locally and globally.

3.  Advancing the Gospel message.

4.  Moving with the spirit of God to make Jesus known amongst the nations.

5.  Mobilizing to reach the world with the Gospel.

6.  Spirit filled living for a life time of giving.

7.  Intentionally engaging unreached people with the Gospel message.

8.  Sending * Proclaiming * Reaping

9.  Serving the church; reaping a harvest.

10. Proclaiming truth; dispelling darkness.

Create your own, write it down, memorize it and put it into practice!