Top Ten Reasons Why Missionaries Quit.

Top ten reasons why missionaries depart from the mission field.

10. Unrealistic expectations
 9.  Poor leadership
 8.  Sexual immorality
 7.  Conflict in strategy
 6.  Unable to adopt to the culture and learn the language
 5.  Lack of finances
 4.  Problems back home
 3.  Unresolved team conflict
 2.  Health issues
 1.  “Stickability” – they just couldn’t hack it.

In order to reduce the departure of Christian missionaries from the field, the missionary himself must recognize:

  1. They are in a battle with Satan and the forces of evil.
  2. Their initial calling – was it genuine?
  3. The need to keep in constant fellowship with God through the reading of His word and prayer.
  4. That fellowship with both foreign and national believers is important.
  5. There is no hero’s welcome when they come home or lasting earthly rewards.



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