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Exciting Missions Training and Trips for Creative Types!

Ooo la la, do you want to go on a missions trip to Italy? Europe: A needy mission field. Italy especially. The church is in decline in Europe and people like you can go and use your skills and talents to reach people with the message of hope through Jesus! Watch the video for more information and be inspired! Then pray about your next step!


Everyone Loves to be Entertained.

Every culture since the beginning of time has enjoyed entertainment. Even Jesus Christ was an entertainer. Sure, he was much more than that, but in his ministry on earth, he also knew that people had various motives for following him. He didn’t mind, for he knew that there were various methods to reach the hearts of people. The common form of entertainment of the day was storytelling. (This art form still exists today in the public squares of cities like Marrakesh, Morocco.) People would crowd around storytellers who captivated their imaginations. Remember, there weren’t any books for the common man, no TV, internet, movies, etc. So when a new storyteller came to town, everyone talked about him. But this storyteller was different. He did miracles too. Really serious miracles like raising people from the dead! And if you followed him, you might even get to see people get healed and maybe even a free meal! Jesus was the best storyteller to ever come to Israel! He would have won the academy award for storytelling!

Music, paint, dance, video, illustration, song writing, and many other art forms can be used to impact communities around the globe through the arts. Cutting edge overseas missions trips exist to use your gifts as a performing, technical or visual artist. You can go short-term or for a year or longer to proclaim the name of Jesus through your art form. Artists with different backgrounds, styles and experience can participate. Recent trips include: North Africa, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, India, England, Central Asia and the Middle East.

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International Short Term Missions Trips for Artists!

Operation Mobilization has short-term missions trips designed especially for visual, technical and performing artists. Using artistic skills, one is able to work with a team to bring the Gospel message to those who don’t know Jesus. Consider going on one of these trips or referring them to someone you know.

Transform North Africa:  July 4th-26th 2011
Come for the Transform conference in Rome, Italy, then fly to North Africa to form relationships with the local arts community, experience life in an Arab nation, and encourage long-term workers to reach out to others with the Gospel through art. Will include studio and gallery work, culminating in an exhibition.

Baja, Hungary:  July 9th-26th, 2011
Prepare to let Hungary inspire you! Lead art workshops at the English art camp and reach out to the local community by creating relevant artwork and seeking God’s heart for the area.

Germany:  July 25th- Aug. 7th 2011
Serve teenagers and encourage them by facilitating the Artzone at TeenStreet, OM’s international youth congress. Artzone is a place where teens can express themselves through art, learn new skills, and worship God.

Christmas Outreach in Belgium:   December 2011
If you have a couple of weeks free in December, why not pray about joining us to experience the Belgium culture and create some inspired artwork to exhibit at a Christmas market.

Further details about all of these outreaches and application information should be posted soon at: OM ArtsLink.  Please note that your portfolio and artist statement will be required as part of the application process. Any questions, email:

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The Impact of Music in Christian World Missions.

When reading through the Psalms, it becomes obvious that there is an inextricable link between music and missions. The Psalms are a collection of God-breathed songs. And these divinely inspired musical pieces are filled with lyrics that express through the songwriter God’s desire to be known and worshiped among all the nations in the world. Therefore, God Himself has created music as a way to mobilize His people to engage in worldwide missions.

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Creative Arts Team Impacts Kyrgystan Through Music, Dance and Drama.

Recently a creative arts team made up of OM Arts International’s musicians, dancers, and dramatists, toured in the country of Kyrgyzstan. As a local friend told the team, “The people here have seen a lot of trouble recently. They’re tired of the fighting and problems. They’re weary and they’re open. We want to bring them His peace.”
Despite the still somewhat unstable political situation in Kyrgystan, the arts team were able to perform in many memorable places. One such place was a facility for disabled men that – while improving – has seen years of total neglect and decay. Just last winter 70 of 300 men died of exposure to the cold. Now God’s Word is spreading, there are about 30 believers, and the physical conditions and atmosphere of the facility are changing. It was a great joy to share about God’s goodness and have the resident men dance for joy with the team’s music. Elsewhere, in prisons the team shared an original drama illustrating God’s forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation; and at one university, the arts team’s concert helped a local ministry gain 496 new contacts with whom they can follow up and share the good news of Jesus Christ.
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Bill Drake Band Celebrates the Christmas Season in Lebanon.

“I enjoyed tonight. It was exciting to play on board Logos Hope. The audience’s reaction was fantastic,” said musician Bill Drake after a Christmas concert in the Hope Theater. Keyboardist and singer Bill and his band played a set of Christmas carols and other numbers to a mixed audience of ship’s company and local Lebanese. In between songs, Bill shared about his own life. He told the audience how after a troubled upbringing nearly caused him to commit suicide, he had found peace by getting to know God. He introduced one song by talking about what the first Christmas would have been like. “I love Christmas as it’s such a natural message. To encourage Lebanese people with their Christmas celebration is a dream come true,” Bill added.

Portraying Christ Artistically in Christian Missions.

Ashley, a dancer and painter, returned recently from serving two years as a Christian missionary in Western Asia with a traveling performing arts team. She journeyed across the region, taking part in performances that shared stories of God’s transforming power and love. She also held her own art exhibition, showing paintings that portray redemption through Christ.

She wrote about her experience, saying, “Visual communication seems to simplify things while explaining difficult concepts. Having an extended period of time to learn about the people and the culture allowed for my paintings to portray specific aspects of their lives, while showing Christ as the solution. I often approached a piece not knowing how I wanted it to look, but knowing what concept I wanted to portray. I needed to release my grip on my work and learn to trust God to work through what I created. Results weren’t always tangible, but God’s peace came through the work and the surrounding atmosphere and was seen and felt by the viewers.”

Ashley also spent time learning the local language, choreographing dances and drinking tea. The OM Arts team is grateful to God for Ashley and her heart for world missions. Please pray for more like Ashley to serve God in missions through the creative arts.
More information can be found at: OM Arts International or Operation Mobilization.