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Exciting Missions Training and Trips for Creative Types!

Ooo la la, do you want to go on a missions trip to Italy? Europe: A needy mission field. Italy especially. The church is in decline in Europe and people like you can go and use your skills and talents to reach people with the message of hope through Jesus! Watch the video for more information and be inspired! Then pray about your next step!


Creative Arts Team Impacts Kyrgystan Through Music, Dance and Drama.

Recently a creative arts team made up of OM Arts International’s musicians, dancers, and dramatists, toured in the country of Kyrgyzstan. As a local friend told the team, “The people here have seen a lot of trouble recently. They’re tired of the fighting and problems. They’re weary and they’re open. We want to bring them His peace.”
Despite the still somewhat unstable political situation in Kyrgystan, the arts team were able to perform in many memorable places. One such place was a facility for disabled men that – while improving – has seen years of total neglect and decay. Just last winter 70 of 300 men died of exposure to the cold. Now God’s Word is spreading, there are about 30 believers, and the physical conditions and atmosphere of the facility are changing. It was a great joy to share about God’s goodness and have the resident men dance for joy with the team’s music. Elsewhere, in prisons the team shared an original drama illustrating God’s forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation; and at one university, the arts team’s concert helped a local ministry gain 496 new contacts with whom they can follow up and share the good news of Jesus Christ.
OM Arts International
Excelling in arts in missions
imagine – illuminate – impact!

Thousands Find Christ at Sports Festival in Egypt!

An estimated 22,500 visitors made the journey to the KDEC Sports Ministry festival held outside Cairo Egypt this past week. Over 20 performiers dazzled the audience with their unique talents and then shared the Gospel during this three day event. World champions and talented Christian performing artists and sportsmen in events such as skate boarding, jujitsu experts, extreme power strength artistry, a unicycle stunt artist, freestyle motocross, a billiard trick shot artist, an illusionist, musicians, and many more worked along side Arabic translators presenting the Gospel during the day leading up to a large stadium worship service each night. Evangelists and pastors presented Gospel truths touching the hearts of the many thousands that were in attendance.  Over 6,000 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! The event was broadcast via satellite TV throughout the Middle East and North Africa!

Dustin Kelm of UniShow, a ministry of OM Arts International, performed twice daily and along with the other sports artists, considered it a great privilege to bring the Gospel to the people of the Middle East. Praise God for the way He prepared hearts and harvested many souls into His kingdom during the event!

the crowd worshiping in Arabic!
Unishow before
and after, and ready for the show!

Watch the Performing and Technical Arts at Work on OM’s Ship, Logos Hope!

For more information on how you can be involved in the arts in missions, visit OM Arts International. For information about doing ministry on board Logos Hope, go to OM Ships International. You can also watch a video of life on board Logos Hope. You can join the ship for 2 weeks or longer! No prior ship experience necessary! Go to Logos Hope opportunities.

UniShow and Creative Arts Ministry in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Bulgaria & Kosovo

UniShow, a ministry of OM Arts International, recently ministered in Turkey. Dustin, a world champion uniclyclist, performed shows in a plaza outside the largest shopping mall in Bursa (population 2.5 million). Two shows were performed and very well attended and the trial run of the different performance elements (music, dance, drama, unicycling and fire poi) flowed surprisingly well. Members of the show had lots of good conversations with people about the Gospel after each show and got contact info for follow-up from many more.

Next stop was Izmir where UniShow performed in a park, on top of a fountain. The fountain had just been turned off so it took the staff a while to dry it with fans, brooms and squeegees. It turned out to be a nice venue even though it was surrounded by water and had a water pipe in the middle of the stage.

The touristy city of Kusadasi was the next stop with a night show on the seaside at the Peace and Friendship Square. Dustin shared that because of God’s love for us we can have a friendship with Him that will bring peace to our lives.

UniShow was challenged on this tour to make the most of every opportunity to share Christ. Thus, at a gas station enrout to Antalya, Dustin pulled out a unicycle and did a demonstration for the employees and we gave them Dustin’s cards with his testimony written in Turkish.

UniShow performed for two nights during Antalya’s Ramadan Festival at a seaside park. There was a very enthusiastic and loyal crowd that even silenced a protester who shouted that we had no right to come during Ramadan and tell them how to know God better. The rest of the crowd said he was acting shamefully and cheered for Dustin to continue his program. After the events there were many meaningful talks with people wanting to know more of our message of Love, Hope and Life.

Do you think this is a good way to share the message of truth about Jesus? Post a comment!

You can follow Dustin and UniShow on his blog: UniShowWorld
He is on tour August 10-Oct 21 to Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Bulgaria and Kosovo

Christians in Turkey Introducing Muslims to the Gospel through the Creative Arts

Creative arts ministries are an effective way to reach those who don’t know Christ. Visual, performing and technical arts such as music, mime, drama, dance, theater, theater sports, and other creative arts or activities can help break
down prejudice and fear and introduce people to the Gospel message.

Recently a creative outreach team had the privilege of returning to the southeastern Turkish town of Diyarbakir to partner with the local church. The play “Our Psychologist” is styled on daytime Turkish talk shows. Guests come and share their problems with two psychologists. We then see them put this advice into action back home. In between scenes, a live band plays well-known songs. All the actors were Turkish nationals, and the outreach team helped form the band with some of the church’s musically gifted young people. Reaction to the play was very positive but a few things surprised us!

The Church’s Impact

Diyarbakir faces unbelievable social issues left behind from the civil war of two decades ago and also intrinsic to eastern culture. However the church there is one of the healthiest, growing churches in Turkey. They have a passion to reach out amidst such brokenness, hence the vision of the play and also the local pastor’s new booklet. Recently completed, it is the culmination of years of counseling and praying with many people who visit the church looking for answers and prayer. In the play, the pastor acts as one of the play’s psychologists and offers Biblical wisdom and this has had an impact upon home situations. After each performance the pastor makes it clear that the church cares for their city and all were welcome to take a free copy of a Gospel booklet. Overall, it was great to see the performance become more professional this year and the whole church involved in making this event happen, from cooking meals to handing out handbills.
Bridge-Building in the Community
The first two performances were in a sport center in the heart of a difficult part of town. We were probably most discouraged on the second night after two fights had broken out among audience members, one of which was during a song about the value of tolerance! However, it was also that night that we met a Muslim woman and her three daughters who enjoyed the show so much that they came the next night and finally to church on Sunday. Her daughter said the children’s program was so good that they should come every Sunday. Her mother was touched as she received prayer and was invited to the weekly ladies meeting. The final two nights the play was performed to packed out crowed in a newly built theater in a slightly more prosperous area of town. Even the mayor attended who was very positive about it. One of the aspects of the show that changed things this year was the singing of two Kurdish folk songs by a young girl that had recently come to faith. When she began to sing the audience cheered and joined in joyfully. It is still a relatively new freedom to sing Kurdish in public places. This girl’s mother isn’t a believer but came to all four performances, proudly supporting her daughter and spending more time with the other church ladies.
The Impact on Us
It doesn’t always work that way however. Talking to a young man, we learned why he has been living at the church for the last year. After last year’s performances and his heavy involvement in them he could no longer deny his church connections to his family. They said he either left the church or had to leave them. We were humbled to learn this, especially as he joyfully and faithfully served us while we stayed at the church with him. This year we were also blessed to have a national intern come with our team, who acted in the play and did some singing. Not only did it help to enlarge her vision for such things in her town but it also gave her a vision to bring some friends back with a heart for reconciliation. One day as she was handing out handbills, a man asked her if she was Kurdish. When she replied that she was actually from an Arab background he was amazed that she would come to his city to serve them due to the ethnic enmity between Kurds and Arabs.
The Future
Musicians, sound technicians, artists, and those skilled in drama, mime, puppets, etc. tare needed to join future creative outreaches in Turkey.  You can use your skills to be part of a team that ministers throughout the Near and Middle East and Central Asia.  There is a training and language study program as well. This is also an excellent opportunity for interns! Contact OM Arts International for more information.

Fencer’s Skills Turned into Performing Art for Jesus.

Charlie Wolcott is a fencer. He has a vision to use his knowledge and expertise in the sport for God’s glory. Charlie’s vision is to use fencing as a ministry tool – an art form that visually communicates Biblical truths. Through the techniques, tactics, and even equipment used in fencing, Charlie is able to visually bring alive spiritual lessons from the Bible. With sword fighting and drama, Charlie has a
dynamic performance that communicates practical lessons about spiritual warfare, the armor of God, and the Christian faith. Charlie has had to overcome a lot of trails and storms in his life which provides him with a gripping testimony of the power of God.

Charlie was born premature, and his first battle took place when he was just 4 months old. The doctors told his parents that Charlie was not expected to live. Following a call to prayer by a lot of people, Charlie pulled through. As a child, Charlie was not able to run or walk. He was not able to talk properly. He could not sit up and eat at the same time. He did not respond emotionally as most kids do. He struggled enormously in school. Doctors were puzzled, but when Charlie was 18, they finally had a label for Charlie’s condition: Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism.

Due to the Asperger’s, Charlie didn’t really understand sports, but he loved trying them. As Charlie grew older his muscles and coordination began to develop. As a result of watching the movie The Princess Bride, Charlie was inspired to try fencing. He enrolled in fencing lessons and began competing. The sport unlocked all kinds of things in Charlie’s brain and muscles that he never had before. Over time, fencing did more for Charlie’s physical development than all the occupational therapy he had before. Specialists now refer a lot of young patients with similar needs to the sport of fencing because it is an individual sport that does not require teamwork and the person can focus solely on his own actions. About the time Charlie was diagnosed with Asperger’s, he graduated from high school with a 4.0 GPA.

Charlie was raised as a missionary kid through International Family Missions and has impacted hundreds of lives in Mexico through his Gospel fencing presentation. Now his desire is to expand his ministry in order to reach more people with the message of eternal hope that can only be found through knowing Jesus. Charlie’s life story that accompanies his Gospel fencing presentation is one that is full of battles with a dark enemy but also one of joy, victory and an ongoing acknowledgment to the Lord Jesus Christ that He loves mankind. Currently Charlie is writing a fiction novel about spiritual warfare.

OM Arts International seeks to encourage and mobilize Charlie and others like him that have a unique visual, performing, or technical skill that they want to use to tell others about Jesus. Charlie is looking for someone who can assist him with his ministry and help him produce an even better Gospel presentation. If you are interested, please contact OM Arts International at:

You can also read more about Charlie and his ministry at his blog:  Fencer for Jesus.