Creative Ministries Draw Big Crowds.

Steve Lillis is a world class billiard player. In 1997, Steve formed Gospel Trick Shot Ministries to use the sport of billiards to present the Gospel to people. By doing trick shots on the pool table and applying them to Biblical stories and truth, Steve captures audiences everywhere he goes and presents the message of salvation. Steve has performed all over the world and hundreds of people have made decisions to follow Christ as a result of this ministry. A recent trip to Tanzania resulted in crowds of people wanting to see his Gospel Trick Shot show. They also heard the message of truth, just like in Jesus’ day.  When Jesus was on this earth doing his ministry, people came

to be entertained by a good story teller. Jesus used the performing arts as a platform to present his message of truth. How cool is that?

If you are a Christian artist and you are looking for an opportunity to use your talents to spread the Gospel message, OM Arts International is a Christian mission organization that mobilizes visual, performing and technical artists into world missions. Whether it be short term missions trips or career missions, OM Arts, a ministry of Operation Mobilisation, empowers artists to engage their creative gifts in exalting God and extending His kingdom among the nations.


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