Everyone Loves to be Entertained.

Every culture since the beginning of time has enjoyed entertainment. Even Jesus Christ was an entertainer. Sure, he was much more than that, but in his ministry on earth, he also knew that people had various motives for following him. He didn’t mind, for he knew that there were various methods to reach the hearts of people. The common form of entertainment of the day was storytelling. (This art form still exists today in the public squares of cities like Marrakesh, Morocco.) People would crowd around storytellers who captivated their imaginations. Remember, there weren’t any books for the common man, no TV, internet, movies, etc. So when a new storyteller came to town, everyone talked about him. But this storyteller was different. He did miracles too. Really serious miracles like raising people from the dead! And if you followed him, you might even get to see people get healed and maybe even a free meal! Jesus was the best storyteller to ever come to Israel! He would have won the academy award for storytelling!

Music, paint, dance, video, illustration, song writing, and many other art forms can be used to impact communities around the globe through the arts. Cutting edge overseas missions trips exist to use your gifts as a performing, technical or visual artist. You can go short-term or for a year or longer to proclaim the name of Jesus through your art form. Artists with different backgrounds, styles and experience can participate. Recent trips include: North Africa, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Turkey, India, England, Central Asia and the Middle East.

For more information on the web, go to:  arts.om.org


One response to “Everyone Loves to be Entertained.

  1. This article, “Everyone Loves to be Entertained.
    | Christian Missions Trips: Information, Impact & Opportunities!
    ” was in fact beneficial. I’m printing out a clone to show my
    personal pals. Regards-Katharina

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