Rapper for Jesus Has High Hopes

Abel Fokoe is 18 years old and was born in Liberia. During the civil war in 2006, he was separated from his biological mother while fleeing to Ghana with his siblings. He now lives in Sweden with his father where Abel attends high school.  “Sometimes I feel bad at school,” says Abel, “as I haven’t seen my mother since the war, and really miss her.  I return home to read the Bible and relax.  I sometimes go to a Christian friend to talk and pray things through, or write songs to express my feelings and pain, and what God has done for me.  It’s a good alternative to cursing,” he adds.

Abel started listening to hiphop and Christian rap when he arrived in Sweden, and decided to try his hand at writing his own songs. He is often invited to sing at churches or youth events, and is able to explain his life story through songs he has written himself. “I like to go to church,” says Abel. “I’m a Christian and I love God. Even if I have other problems in my life, I love to be in the presence of God.”

Although Abel was baptised as a child, he asked his friend Martin to re-dedicate him to God two years ago. “After the service,” continues Abel, “I decided to write music as a means to tell the world of God’s love, because that is what He has told us to do. There are many Muslims where I live, and rap is a great way to communicate in a way they can understand.”

Many people have commented on Abel’s talent, and say he should pursue a career in Christian music. Abel’s father wants him to live with his uncle in the States, but Abel is not sure whether he wants to make music his lifestyle. It is hard to live on! Abel still has a photo of his mother, and hopes to return to Liberia one day to find her.


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