Social Justice Overseas Service Opportunities.

The cry for justice goes out from the peoples of the earth. Can you hear it? The oppressed and downtrodden poor from the nations cry out for help.  Do you have a desire to get involved in social justice issues and do something about it?  The world is full of injustice and the body of Christ has the responsibility to make a stand and to speak out for those who have no voice. Many of those that are caught in the web of injustice are women and young children. In every major world city, there are women and boys and girls who are suffering at the hands of the unjust and they need help desperately. You can help by joining a team of like-minded people who band together to help those who are too weak to help themselves. Many are victims of human trafficking.

Adventures in Missions is one mission organization that has a passion for social justice. They have programs that will help you get from your couch to the nations to touch the lives of the oppressed. You won’t do it alone but with a team of people who have similar passions as yours. Be a light yourself or send others to the nations and bring about positive change that will transform lives, communities, and nations!

Consider the following nations where social justice advocates are needed!

Cambodia, Thailand, Morocco, China, Romania, India, South Sudan, Turkey, Nepal, and many more!


One response to “Social Justice Overseas Service Opportunities.

  1. yes am quite aware of these people and am interested , do let me know how the programme will go , this will enable me to plan for next year thanks

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