“Would You Like a Spiritual Reading?”

“How about a dream interpretation?”
While these words might scare off the traditional evangelical Christian, they draw in people who are spiritually thirsty and searching.
After a number of training sessions, and many weeks of prayer, an OM Arts team member along with members of her church, set up a booth in local parks and fairs, with a sandwich-board sign inviting: “Spiritual
Readings & Dream Interpretation.” Dropping all “Christianese” language, and encouraging guests to share a dream or request they had, team members then shared what they believed God was saying to them.
Simultaneous prayer teams were both on-site, back at the church, or praying at home. And the lines started forming. During Gay Pride Weekend, we had several tables full for hours, with a line outside. During a neighborhood street fair, despite torrential downpours, we had three tables with a steady stream of spiritually hungry people—everyone from a lapsed Episcopal bishop to a woman practicing a form of spiritism.
A couple, during Gay Pride weekend came in and one of them was in obvious distress, the other a bit distant.  The troubled man asked if we could help him – he was dreaming of demons chasing him.  We could indeed help!  As we talked, issues came up: of spiritual abuse in the church he had been part of, and a fractured relationship with his father, who was now in the hospital.  We led him through some forgiveness, adjusted some faulty thinking, and prayed for him.  “He did not want to let go of my hand”, said the OM Arts team member. He thanked us profusely, and didn’t want to leave the tent. 
At one venue, over 100 visitors came to the tent and signed our guest book with positive testimonies of their encounter: “You looked into my soul and saw me.”  Hugs, tears and profuse thanks were the typical response. Only God knows the full impact of these attempts to reach those who came.

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One response to ““Would You Like a Spiritual Reading?”

  1. A bit edgy – cool! – lets see what comes back – I think I might have added the "disclaimer" paragraph, helping those who might have a bit of a problem with this approach to understand that we were answering from a Biblical Perspective with the long-term goal of bringing people to the One Who meets us wherever we are at…

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