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“Mohammed, Jesus & Me” A true story that makes a great gift.

Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas? How about a book with this title: “Mohammed, Jesus & Me”. It will surely get their attention. People are in need of good news and a different perspective on the Muslim world and what God is doing there. This book makes a great gift!

The story of Hazem Farraj. Amazing!

The story of Hazem Farraj. Amazing!

This book is available at:  Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, iTunes and on Hazem’s web site www.hazemfarraj.com


Ex-Muslims praying to Jesus in the Dome of the Rock Mosque. There are many.

From North Africa to Indonesia, you will find many ex–Muslims who have found a new faith. They have found God – finally. They have found Jesus.

Read the following testimony of one such young man. There are many more like him.

Mohammed Jesus And Me Book


When Hazem Farraj was 15, he became a follower of Jesus. But as a Palestinian Muslim living in east Jerusalem, he couldn’t tell anyone, especially his father.

“For almost three years I was a secret believer. I would go to the local mosque and to the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and pray like a Muslim, but in my heart I was praying to Jesus.”

Today Farraj, 27, is very public. He lives in California and hosts Reflections, a Christian TV show in English and Arabic. He is grateful for everything in his life, he says, but he has also made sacrifices for his faith.

Farraj was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1984. Like many immigrants, his father insisted the children speak Arabic at home. An observant Muslim, he worked hard to teach his children about Islam.

When Farraj was 12, his father moved the family back to Beit Hanina, a middle-class east Jerusalem suburb. The large family of 13 siblings studied Islam, and many of them became more committed Muslims.

“Islam says to pray five time daily – I only prayed four times, because I was too lazy to get up for the early morning prayer,” Farraj recounts. “Do the prayers. Memorize the verses from the Koran. Go to Islamic class and the mosque. It was all just actions to me. The deeper I got into Islam, the more depressing it was for me.”

Farraj decided the solution was to convert some Christians to Islam. He approached his upstairs neighbors, Christians, and they began a discussion that lasted more than a year and a half.

“I said to them, ‘What if I told you that God can answer your prayers in the name of Allah,’” he recalls. “Now, he wasn’t answering my prayers, but I needed something to hold onto. They told me things I was searching for, like ‘Cast your worries upon Jesus, who cares for you’ and ‘God so loved Hazem that He gave His only son for him.’”

When Farraj was 15, he attended an east Jerusalem church with these neighbors. He does not want to name the church, fearing it could become a target of attacks.

“I sat in the last pew in the back corner, and I saw something I had never seen,” he recalls with a wistful smile. “I saw a guy named Steve singing with a guitar and smiling as if he knew Jesus. I saw people at the altar raising their hands and loving God, and it made me mad because I wanted it to be the God of the Koran.”

He fled to a downstairs room, where he lay a piece of carpet on the floor and prayed facing Mecca in Saudi Arabia, according to Islamic rules.

Nothing happened. He went back upstairs to the church, and, he says, became a Christian.

“I started to pray in the name of Jesus and something happened on the inside that transformed me,” he remembers.

Soon afterward, the second intifada broke out, and his father moved the family back to the US.

Farraj continued to practice as an underground Christian. Finally, just before his 18th birthday, he told his father that he had become a Christian. His father cut off all contact with him, and Farraj has not seen him since.

The pain hurts even 10 years later.

“You don’t ever get over it, you just get through it,” he says. “It has left me wounded even today.”

He also has no relationship with his stepmother or his siblings.

At age 18 he followed his former neighbors to Alabama, where they had moved.

“I slept for six months, and when I wasn’t sleeping I was eating – I weighed 225 pounds and I was so depressed,” he recalls.

“Then one day I came across a Christian TV station, and there was this preacher. This voice inside me – I believe it was the voice of God – said, ‘I’ve called you to this.’ I knew it meant that I was called to tell people about Jesus and to help them come to prayer.”

His TV show, Reflections, reaches millions of viewers around the world.

Farraj says there are “many” underground Christians in Arab countries today, and that he gets emails thanking him from around the Arab world.

He also gets death threats.

David Parsons, the media director of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, says there are “hundreds” if not “thousands” of underground Christians in the West Bank.

“There’s a lot of upheaval in the Arab and Muslim world right now. Some are saying ‘Islam is the answer,’ but there are a lot of Muslims who know it has been tried it for hundreds of years and it’s not the answer. As a Christian I would attribute it to the movement of the Holy Spirit. People are looking for answers.”

Parsons says the International Christian Embassy has opened branches in “several North African countries.”

Farraj says his recent trip to Jerusalem was to recharge his own batteries and to meet underground Christians.

“I love Jerusalem,” he said with a grin. “I’m here to enjoy the spirituality of Jerusalem and to encourage the believers. I thought I was the only ex-Muslim in the world, but they’re really everywhere.”


Muslims are looking for hope. They are finding Jesus and being set free from the Satanic bondage of Islam!

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Being Christ to African Migrants in Spain

Every Monday in Valencia, Spain, a church team visits an empty warehouse where over 80 Africans ‘camp’ waiting for an opportunity to work. Through friendship and practical help, the church team tries to support them however possible. A sudden phone call one day interrupted one of the volunteers – one of the immigrants had been beaten up and needed to go to hospital. “Sighing, I switched off my computer, and set off with them,” said the volunteer. “But we soon realized that he hadn’t been beaten up—he’d overdosed and fallen, badly damaging his head. We waited four hours at the hospital during his treated. Wasted time? No! We had a really good talk with the man, and he agreed to go to a Christian Rehabilitation Center the following day.” A few days later, the volunteer was on his way home from a church meeting and thought he would quickly call in at a local park to bring some homeless people leftover bread. One man rushed up to him with a New Testament in his hand.

“Now I see that what you are doing here is exactly what Jesus did, and I want to know Jesus too! Can you take me to a place where I can learn more about Him, and come clean of drugs and alcohol?” he exclaimed.

This story will inspire you!

“It’s just me.”

Ruby was a typical middle school student in the Midwest. During one of her summers, she attended a Christian conference, returning home with a renewed vision for prayer. She wanted to start a prayer club at her school. At the beginning of the school year, she found the required faculty sponsor, and opened up the campus prayer group. Her vision was to pray for the students and teachers to come to know Jesus.

Each time the prayer group met, Ruby would faithfully show up, but she would be all by herself. No one else attended.  Ruby prayed anyway, trusting and hoping that her prayers made a difference.

Week after week, she would come to school at the designated prayer time and pray alone for the faculty, students and staff to know Jesus.

At one point during the school year, a local church approached Ruby with an idea. They wanted to host a talent show in the school gym after school one day. The show would consist of 5 or 6 people performing their talents. At the end, a local youth pastor would share the Gospel. In order to host the event on campus, though, they had to be sponsored by a school club. Would the prayer club be willing to sponsor them? Ruby readily agreed.

The day arrived for the talent show, and admittedly most people were expecting it to be a small event. The church pastor even said he only expected 20 or so students to show up.  The bell for the end of school rang, and a few students and faculty trickled into the gym for the show. At first, there were about 20 people…then more came…and more and more…until about 200 students and teachers were seated in the gym!

The show went off without a hitch, and at the end, the local youth pastor gave his testimony and shared the Gospel. He invited anyone in the gym who wanted to become a Christ follower to come to the front, at the bottom of the stage. People began to stream to the front of the gym. By the end of the event, 80 people had committed their lives to Christ!

At the end of the assembly, the local church pastor wanted to recognize the club who’d sponsored the event. He asked all of the people from the school prayer club to stand up. Ruby quietly stood up. The pastor, thinking the other members were just being shy, encouraged everyone in the prayer club to stand up. Ruby smiled and said, “No, it’s just me. I’m the only one.”

If you are involved in student ministry in high school or a college campus, I hope that this story demonstrates the power of persistent prayer and inspires you to be a prayer warrior.