Make the World a Better Place. Leave Your Country and Make a Difference.

Americans have a huge disadvantage in this world and that is this: they understand so little about the rest of the world. Most of the information that Americans digest comes from self-centered sources that feeds the American naval gazing. From the news media to pop culture to its short history, Americans focus largely on themselves. Foreign wars have exposed Americans to the rest of the world, but usually they go in with very little intelligence and the results can be disastrous. It is important for a person to be exposed to multiple cultures instead of just one. Most people around the world are exposed to multiple cultures, but this is especially difficult for the leading superpower of the world. Like the Roman empire, it’s all about Rome. The rest of the world is “just out there”. Sure, Americans travel for holiday to different parts of the world, but that is long enough to hardly know what the coffee tastes like.

Americans have a lot to offer the world. If they would leave the United States and live in another culture, they would reap the following benefits.

10 Reasons why you will benefit from living overseas:

  1. learn new languages
  2. understand different world views
  3. hear how Americans are viewed by other societies
  4. see U.S. politics from a totally different perspective
  5. feel the struggles of people different from themselves
  6. be exposed to new religions
  7. build compassion and new friendships
  8. contribute constructively to needy countries
  9. be ambassadors of peace
  10. learn humility

Obviously there are a lot more benefits for Americans to leave their country, but hopefully in the end by doing so they help make the world a better place.


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