Christian Martyrs still have a Voice

Music video for Bill Drake’s song, “Wear the Crown” made by Voice of the Martyrs.

Written in response to the martyrdom of Christian missionary Bonnie Witherall whose story you can read below the video.

Bonnie and her husband, Gary were serving the Lord in Sidon, Lebanon with Operation Mobilization. As a nurse, Bonnie’s primary ministry was helping in a clinic, giving pre- and post-natal care to women from a nearby refugee camp. In the process of learning the Arabic language, Bonnie was able to communicate well with the Muslim women who came to the clinic. When words did fail, her warm, sunny smile and sparkling eyes conveyed her love and compassion across all cultural and linguistic barriers.

On the morning of November 21, 2002, Bonnie went to the clinic. Gary was awakened by the ringing telephone. The voice on the other end was barely coherent. All Gary could grasp was that something terrible had happened and that he needed to get to the clinic right away.
Gary arrived at the clinic and was gang-tackled by two soldiers and he was forced into the next room. All he had seen was a glimpse of his wife’s legs through the clinic door. There could be no doubt that Bonnie was dead. Someone had followed Bonnie as she unlocked the clinic door that morning and had shot her three times in the head at point-blank range. As Gary lay on the floor in shock and grief, he heard the Lord say, “A seed has been planted in your heart today. It is a seed that will turn from anger to hatred or from forgiveness to love. You need to choose.” Lying there in a living nightmare, Gary whispered to the Lord, “I surrender all to You,” over and over again. In that instant Gary chose forgiveness over hatred, and the Lord gave him unprecedented opportunity to appear on national television in Lebanon and proclaim forgiveness to his wife’s murderer.

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