Factors Affecting Evangelical Christianity Around the World.

1.  Growing evangelical nominalism around the world.

2.  Second generation evangelicals are now amongst the previously unevangelized.

3.  Independent evangelical house churches on the rise.

4.  Unaffiliated evangelicals – they don’t link with any church.

5.  Evangelicals within mainline churches.

6.  Evangelical syncretism – post modern secular materialism infiltration.

7.  Insider movements – they are evangelical but remain within the religious framework of their culture’s religion.

The Challenge of the Unevanglized

1.  Where are they located?  Most are in southeast Asia and in rural areas.

2.  The unevangelized are growing in number.

3.  The main missional need is the undeniable cry for more short-term and long term missionaries!

Major Demographic Shifts

There is huge population growth in our world today. Asian provinces and states are exploding. They are becoming vast unreached “nations” in their own right. Recent religious growth and decline have become more closely related to fertility rather than proselytism.

The Impact of Immigration

Immigration is modernity’s greatest challenge. It is inevitable and unstoppable.

The Myth of Urban Evanglization

Most countries in the 10/40 window have huge rural populations. Only in 2009 did the world population flip to 50% residing in urban areas. Asia is the largest unevangelized region and most people still live in rural areas. This should help shape our world evanglization strategies. We can’t neglect the rural areas as missionaries tend to flock to urban areas.

Countries with the Fastest Growth in Christianity

1. Iran

2. Afghanistan

3. Gambia

4. Cambodia

Largest Countries with the Fewest Christians

1. China

2. India

3. Bangladesh

4. Indonesia

5. Turkey

6. Iran

7. Japan

The greatest need today for missionaries is in rural areas of southeast Asia. Who will go?  Look for long and short term missions trips at: www.om.org

Largest Muslim Populations

Highest Christian Population

Evangelical Population

Unreached Peoples

source: Operation World


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