Morocco Needs Christian Missionaries. You can be one!

Morocco is a fascinating and exotic country full of surprises at every turn. You’ll love exploring the market places, shopping in the bazaars, talking to friendly merchants, meeting families and being welcomed into their homes, and sipping on mint tea in one of their many cafes.

Morocco needs vibrant witnesses for Jesus who will live amongst the people and share with them the knowledge of Jesus as Savior. Will you go? Will you go and tell the people about Morocco that someone died for their sins and that they can have assurance of going to heaven? Will you tell them where you have found real peace with God? Tell them your personal testimony of how your life was changed when you decided to follow Jesus. Tell them who Jesus is. Show them who Jesus is with your life. Millions of Muslims are searching for truth. Put it into their hands. Let them decide, but give them a chance to explore the message of salvation.  Pray for the country of Morocco. Pray for king Mohamed VI. Pray for his family pictured below. Pray for the Muslim peoples.

Consider being a messenger of hope and truth to this wonderful nation of friendly people. Consider going on a short-term missions trip or pray about career missions. Join a team of international people interested in reaching Morocco with the Gospel. The following Christian mission agencies work in this country and can help you get there.

King Mohammed IV of Morocco

For Christian missions trips to Morocco for 12+ months, contact:

Adventures in Missions

For a list of short-term missions trips, click on the following:

Adventures in Missions

Operation Mobilization


8 responses to “Morocco Needs Christian Missionaries. You can be one!

  1. plead I am planning g to come on gospel campaign January 2015 in Morocco during the African cup of nations. please guide.

  2. I am a Christian living in Casablanca Morocco, an I can not find a church any where here. What do we or I need to do to help…. anything I can do I will be glad to. please let me know James.

  3. I really long to reach to unreach people of Morocco that is one of my focus.

  4. Hi, when I graduate HS and then college, (about 7 yrs fom now) I would love to become a missionary in Morocco. I believe the Lord is calling me to that one day. How do you think I should start preparing for it now? (i used to be a muslim so i know all about it)

  5. Benjamin Torren

    Hi I would like to get involved in missionary work in Morocco. I will be visiting Morocco in July.

    Please could you send information of people that i could join in missionary work in Morocco.

    I have a good knowledge of the Bible.


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  7. Hello,

    Working on a graduate research paper on missions. One of the areas I will be discussing is Morocco. Do you know of good literature on the current state of morocco and their needs that missionaries can provide? thank you!

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