Teaching on a Missions Trip May Surprise You.

I’m sure that you’ve already touched a number of lives.  That’s why I decided to get involved in missions, to touch lives and proclaim the name of Jesus. I’ve spent the last seven months traveling in two different Muslim countries seeking to spread the Gospel. Many nights were spent in the homes of friends I made along the way. Countless hours were spent on the streets meeting people with the hope of sharing the gospel. God has definitely been at work during the travels but not always in the way I’d expected.

I came to teach and feel as though I’ve been taught. God taught me of His provision when I was sick on top of a mountain many kilometers away from the nearest town. He taught me to give thanks in all situations when nothing went as planned but turned out to be better than planned.  I’ve learned to give up the control I seek in life and let Him have control. I’ve learned to be content with what I have which, in some cases, is not very much. I’ve learned to be bold and to step out of comfort zones. Through it all I’ve learned more about the character of God and He has become alive in my life in a way that I’ve never experienced before. My hope is that I’ve also been able to teach others along the way through my words and actions and that God comes alive in their lives as well.

– A young missionary on his two year missions trip.


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