Being Christ to African Migrants in Spain

Every Monday in Valencia, Spain, a church team visits an empty warehouse where over 80 Africans ‘camp’ waiting for an opportunity to work. Through friendship and practical help, the church team tries to support them however possible. A sudden phone call one day interrupted one of the volunteers – one of the immigrants had been beaten up and needed to go to hospital. “Sighing, I switched off my computer, and set off with them,” said the volunteer. “But we soon realized that he hadn’t been beaten up—he’d overdosed and fallen, badly damaging his head. We waited four hours at the hospital during his treated. Wasted time? No! We had a really good talk with the man, and he agreed to go to a Christian Rehabilitation Center the following day.” A few days later, the volunteer was on his way home from a church meeting and thought he would quickly call in at a local park to bring some homeless people leftover bread. One man rushed up to him with a New Testament in his hand.

“Now I see that what you are doing here is exactly what Jesus did, and I want to know Jesus too! Can you take me to a place where I can learn more about Him, and come clean of drugs and alcohol?” he exclaimed.


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