Build Your Own House or Get an Expert Builder?

Let’s say that you want to build a house. You could do it all by yourself. It could save you a lot of money. You could read a few books to find out how to do it and then make up some blueprints. You could buy some land, cut down the trees and use machinery to cut up the wood into lumber and then start to build yourself a house (whew, that sounds exhausting). Now if you are building it yourself, it is probably not going to be very fancy unless you are an amazingly skilled builder. You will probably make mistakes along the way and have to redo some things or you might find that you forgot to do task A before task B and you have to undo task B to do task A first. Since you have never done this before,  there will be a lot of starts and stops while you figure out what to do next. It will probably be very exhausting work and at times very difficult to do by yourself. There might be things that you could do to the house to make it more energy efficient or comfortable to live in but you would have to know what to look for in order to find out more information about it.  However, not having built a house before, you could easily overlook something important. Assuming you had the money, it would be much easier to hire some experts like an architect or general contractor and tell them what you want and let them design it and find the skilled people to build it. You would end up with a better constructed house, more suited to your needs and it sure would be easier on you than doing all of the physical labor yourself.

Now, isn’t this what we sometimes do with just about every decision in life?  We want to do things on our own. We don’t want anyone’s help. Certainly not their suggestions on how to do it. We want to do it our way. But we have an expert in everything right at our fingertips. His name is God. He says to ask for wisdom and He will give it. This is coming from someone who knows us intimately, knows what will happen in the future and has the power and resources to do whatever He wants. But the trick is doing what He says. Sometimes we don’t want to do it His way. But you can trust Him with everything because He is God. There is no one else who is more trustworthy than him. The trick is asking Him what He wants you to do, and then wait for an answer and his guidance before starting something.

This can also apply to a person’s desire to serve God overseas on a missions trip. Whether it be a short-term missions trip or long-term, it is a very important decision that needs God’s input. Often we are the ones who want to choose the country or ministry activity. But God may have other plans. Maybe He wants you to go and be a witness to radical Muslim fundamentalists in Palestine. That’s what Brother Andrew does of Open Doors International. Or maybe God wants you to go and work in a remote area of Central Asia.  Or He may want you to serve the people in one of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea. How about smuggling Bibles into closed countries? For more information on that, see the following:

Open Doors

Voice of the Martyrs

For opportunities in short and long term missions, see the following:



Adventures in Missions

Operation Mobilization


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