Creating Worship Music in Al Qaeda’s Backyard.

In the land of frankincense and myrrh not far from Al Qaeda headquarters, three music missionaries spent their Christmas holiday helping new believers record their first Christian worship songs. Included on the historic recording were women’s voices, something that almost never happens in that Muslim nation. One of the fathers could identify his girls’ voices and feared that persecution for his entire family could result if the girls were identified. Children’s voices were added to obscure the female tracks.

Some of the concepts in the songs were also obscure. So a foreign missionary who was fluent in Arabic helped strengthen the lyrics, even preserving the Arabic rhythm and rhyme. His comment:

“These first worship songs will help shape the theology of this nation. We must get the lyrics clear.”

This month, in a few scattered homes in the poorest of all Arab nations, handfuls of believers will celebrate the Savior for the first time with indigenous songs in their own dialect. One day at the Throne all redeemed humanity may include worship songs like those birthed near Al Qaeda headquarters as part of the doxologies of eternity.

Produced by the ministry Heart Sounds International.


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