Short-term Missions: Still Incredibly Effective

With all the negative opinions about short-term missions, it still proves to be one of the most powerful and moving initiatives that is being implemented today. Thousands of people are impacting the world through missions trips every month. Not only are they having an impact upon others, but their own lives are being shaken to the core. There are countless testimonies of how God used willing people to further His kingdom.

Did you hear about the young American man who joined a short-term missions trip, went to Morocco, and he himself found Jesus while ministering to Muslims? He thought he knew Jesus and was a true follower. But when needing to defend his faith while speaking with some Muslim youth, he realized that he didn’t really have a personal relationship with Jesus. What a happy day it was for him to finally know Jesus as his savior while on a short-term Christian mission trip to North Africa. His team was excited as well. They had no idea what was happening inside the heart of their fellow teammate. They didn’t know his background or that he was struggling spiritually or suffering a crisis of faith. But God knew and He was there, reaching out, calling and the young man responded. The angels in heaven rejoiced. Now he can tell his children and grandchildren that he found Jesus while he was in Morocco. God can meet people anywhere. Isn’t it great that the spirit of God is not confined in any way?

Think about all the people in various Muslim countries around the world. We wonder, “Is God working in their hearts?”  How little we know about the mystery of the movements of the Holy Spirit. But night and day he is at work revealing truth to those who seek it. Are you seeking for truth? You can find it and you will know it when you hear or read it. And the truth will set you free! Free from a life of hopelessness! Free from the guilt of sin. Free from a dark future! Free from the law (Shariah or Jewish or otherwise). Look for it with all your heart. Start by reading here if you are searching for truth!

Be free!

You can read an awesome story here about some Muslim students in Morocco who were searching and found truth!


3 responses to “Short-term Missions: Still Incredibly Effective

  1. Thanks for this. I appreciate someone else looking at the long-term effect of short term missions, not just the immediate return. I was looking at your blog wondering if you would be interested in doing a review or a Q and A of my new book, Don’t Forget to Pack the Kids: Short-Term Missions for Your Whole Family. It looks appropriate! My middle daughter went on an AIM trip last fall, by the way, and loved it.


    i’m an evangelist in southern part of nigeria in a village called idiiyalode oyo west local government i’m very happy with what i read in the article that the Lord jesus has been making it possible how gospel can be heard in islamic country morrocco for example please you can keep updated on it

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