Some Realistic Expectations for Your Mission Trip.

1. God is interested in the small and medium details of life, and not just the big picture.

2. God is more interested in having a relationship with you, than you being busy for Jesus.

3. God can work in every and any situation to achieve his glory.

4. God doesn’t shield us from pain, but walks with us through it, even though at times we can or can’t tell if He is there or not.

5. God has a unique path tailored for each individual believer.  Be yourself with God and others, and give God the freedom to do whatever He wants in your life.

6. The Holy Spirit can really get His message across regardless of language barriers.

7. You might learn how to cook for 30 people. (even if you don’t like cooking!)

You can do a lot on a missions trip. Find out more about how to use your skills at the following international mission agencies.

Operation Mobilization

Adventures in Missions





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