The Impact of Multicultural Teams in Christian Missions.

Reading God’s Word, the merits of presenting His love through international missions teams comes clearly into focus. Even though every culture is tainted by sin, man is created in God’s image, so every culture must reflect something of Him. Genesis 11 (the story of the tower of Babel) shows how God created cultures (languages) and the confusion it brought. Genesis 12 indicates however that Abraham will be a blessing to every family (so, every culture). In the Book of Acts, we see how the Spirit’s coming at Pentecost reverses the divisions of Babel. In the second chapter of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Jesus is revealed to be the one who breaks down hostility between cultures and brings unity.

So, multicultural teams actually reflect the reality of the Gospel, as a living, breathing demonstration of the Good News, laying a blueprint for a unified church! Multicultural teams therefore bring strength to the ministry as each culture’s in-built reflection of God comes into play.

Multicultural missions teams impact not only the local communities in which they work, but also the lives of the team members themselves. When we are truly one in Him, the breaking down of cultural barriers releases the fragrance of Christ.      – Brian J.


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