Creative Performing Arts Opens Hearts to the Gospel.

Operation Mobilization has a creative arts ministry called “OM Arts International“.  One of the performing artists in that ministry is Dustin and Katie Kelm of UniShow. Dustin is a world champion unicyclist and he recently performed in the Middle East alongside an illusionist and a dancer. Dustin was able to share his testimony and the hope he has found in God from atop his six-foot unicycle. Craig, the illusionist, shared from his bag of tricks and gave his direct Gospel “magic ball” message as the team handed out cards with a Gospel message to the gathered crowd.

In one city they partnered with a local church whose enthusiastic leader said, “From the afternoon outreach, 25 people came to see the Jesus film in the evening. Of these, 19 stayed to discuss more.” Dustin, also appeared live on national television. He performed, and during the program he was able to share briefly that God is the only one who can fill the emptiness in our lives.

Dustin has also performed and shared the Gospel message in North America, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other regions. Venues have included universities, elementary schools, prisons, parks, arenas and stadiums. OM missionaries, working with local churches, help arrange the permissions, ground logistics, follow-up and discipleship.  For more information, contact Dustin at

If you know of a performing, technical, or visual artist who is interested in doing a short-term missions trip or longer term missions, contact OM Arts International.


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