Somali Civilians and Pirates Look to Music for Hope.

Somalis are living in the most incredibly impoverished situation that is beyond our imagination. Faced with no work, food, future or hope, Somali men and women grasp onto anything that provides an escape. Fishermen have turned to piracy to earn money, and this money has fueled more piracy. With a failed government in place, there is lawlessness on the streets. Like the youth around the world, many young people turn to music as an escape but also as an expression of their dire situation. Even though music is banned under strict Islamic law, it is the language of all peoples, especially the younger generation. Some Somali pop artists have become famous inside the country, and Somali’s living outside the country follow them with great loyalty. But music, like drugs, can’t provide the more long-lasting hope that people need. Where will that hope come from? There is only one source. Let us hope and pray that the people of Somalia find it.


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