Ship Offers Hope and Books to Millions.

OM Ships International has just celebrated 40 years of ministry!

In 40 years the ship ministry of Operation Mobilization has:

·    operated four different ships (Logos, Doulos, Logos II, Logos Hope)
·    welcomed over 42 million people on board
·    visited over 163 countries and territories
·    made more than 1,400 ports of call (512 unique ports)
·    distributed over 50 million portions of the Bible
·    hosted more than 5 million people at events on board the ships
·    seen more than 10 million children visit the ships
·    trained more than 10,000 people for future Christian service
·    partnered with over 55,000 churches world-wide
·    donated hundreds of tons of books to various countries
·    and seen tens of thousands of people come to faith in God!

Watch a video and read more about the history of the ships and OM.


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