Unsure About Applying to Work in Christian Ministry?

The thought of stepping out of your comfort zone and considering full-time work in Christian ministry can be very unsettling.  There are lots of thoughts that go through your mind. Will I have enough finances? Where will I serve? Is it “safe”?  I’m not qualified. I don’t have the skills needed. Can God use me? These may be some of the questions that you asked yourself and many more for sure. The fear of the unknown can sometimes handcuff a person from following the Lord into a new chapter of life. It can require a huge step of faith. But isn’t that what God wants to do in our lives – stretch our faith and make us more dependent upon Him?

Sometimes God wants us to get up and step out into the unknown even if we are not 100% sure about it.  If it isn’t what God wants, He won’t let us have peace about it and He will make it obvious  that the choice / decision is not what He wants.  Conversely, if it is something He does want us to do, He often places it in our hearts and mind – to the extent that we are willing to make ‘sacrifices’.  Usually God provides some assurance that you are walking in His will by providing signs of confirmation through His word, through circumstances, and through other people.

When we are honestly and truly seeking to follow God’s call by being obedient, He makes all things work out together for good – He blesses obedience.  Yes, we might make some mistakes along the way that He will correct.  However if we let fear paralyze us into doing nothing – that’s just what the enemy Satan wants.  Have you heard the expression “failing forward”?  It is okay to make mistakes and fail.  This is part of how we grow and how sometimes God does speaks to us and guide us – it is a positive thing.

It’s okay to be unsure, to have doubts.  Just don’t give place to doubts and fears that renders you incapable from moving forward with God.  Go ahead and take the necessary steps to follow where you think the Lord is leading. If you are considering filling out an application, view the application process as a part of the larger picture of confirming your call.

For some excellent books to help you with your journey, consider reading “Out of the Comfort Zone” by George Verwer and “Scaling the Wall” by Kathy Hicks.

You can also find a world of helpful resources at: Ask a Missionary


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