7 Reasons Missions Trips Arouse Passion

God calls us to live lives of passion, just as Jesus did. He was passionate about righteous living, specific individuals (usually on the fringe of society), and about saving the lost.

Seth Barnes, founder of Adventures In Missions, regularly makes the argument that mission trips stimulate, encourage, and grow passionate behavior. Here are the seven ways he says mission trips arouse passion in youth (and leaders, too).

1. Mission trips are themselves bold, passionate acts

They defy spiritual gravity. There is nothing in us that naturally would cause us to want to raise money so that we can serve others. That is why the world thinks we’re crazy when we go on mission trips.

2. They generate radical thoughts.

Passion for anything begins with time spent thinking about the thing. The activity of the heart finds its source in the activity of the mind. Those things that you love the most you think about a lot.  Mission trips cause you to think about things in a radical way.

Read the rest of the 7 reasons at: Adventures in Missions.


2 responses to “7 Reasons Missions Trips Arouse Passion

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