Jewish Orthodox Increasing Anti Christian Missionary Activity

Every year, Christians descend on Israel with the desire to bring light and hope to the Jewish people. They do this by sharing their faith, distributing Christian literature, and engaging Jews in meaningful spiritual conversations. So why is the violent reaction towards Christians in Israel increasing, especially from Orthodox Jews? During recent outreaches, violence has been enacted towards people whose actions are peaceful and non-threatening. Unless you consider the sharing of a different faith threatening. But why? Is it as a result of a person’s insecurity or lack of conviction in their own religion? Does the god of a particular faith need to be defended with violence by human beings? Can’t he defend himself? Such questions are being asked by Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and people of all faiths. Even Christians, who made this grave mistake with the Crusades. Alas, people of all faiths face persecution. Persecution is a good test of faith. Persecution should bring about perseverance, character and ultimately hope. So the next time you are sharing your faith, and you are persecuted, remember that most of the prophets who came before you were also persecuted – often violently. And who is the “father of violence”?  I don’t know about you, but I expect that there is going to be a lot of love in heaven, and the creator of love will be there. I’ll follow the faith whose roots are love.

See what the Bible has to say about love.

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