Careers in Missions: A World of Opportunities

If you’ve ever contemplated a career in missions, you probably thought about first going on a short term missions trip. Research shows that many people who have chosen Christian missions as a career first embarked on some short term missions trips. This certainly is a good way to educate yourself about world missions and to get some practical experience. Making the commitment to make a career in missions takes courage, faith, and conviction.

There are many Christian mission agencies available that provide opportunities for those interested in a career in missions. Before doing some on-line research, it helps to know what your spiritual giftings are and what you have a passion for doing. Next, decide on what area of the world you think God is leading your towards considering. Third, seek out some experienced missionaries and glean helpful advice from their knowledge of their career in missions. Hopefully they will encourage and inspire you and help you take the biggest leap of faith you’ve ever taken. Finally, ask your missions pastor or others about what missionary agency they would recommend. This may depend on the part of the world you feel called to, but there are many Christian mission organizations to choose from. Read on for a a list of agencies which can help you in your search for a career in missions.


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