Christian Missions Trips to Africa

If you have ever been to Africa, you know that it is an amazingly diverse continent. Rich yet poor, Africa is still in need of the Gospel and short term missions teams to go and share the love of Christ with millions who still have not heard His name. A missions trip to Africa is an unforgettable experience and will result in lives being changed – those who go and those who receive. You can go on a missions trip to Africa with your local church or join up with a group from an established Christian mission organization. Many Christian mission organizations including Operation Mobilization have been working in Africa for many years. From the Arab and predominantly Muslim North Africa (Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt) to Southern Africa (South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Malawi) you will find endless opportunities to share the Gospel with hearts hungry that are ready to embrace the truth.

For more information about short term missions trips to Africa for you as an individual, your group or for a customized trip, look into these organizations:

Africa Inland Mission International

Teen Missions

Adventures in Missions

Rafiki Foundation




Operation Mobilization Missions Trips to Africa


2 responses to “Christian Missions Trips to Africa

  1. Hi im interested in doing a missions trip to africa for a year. I was wondering of you could help me. Kind regards.

    Tori brooks

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