Work to Build Your Group for Short Term Missions Trips

As you pray about putting together a group to serve on a short term missions trip, the following practical tips can help.

1.  Select the right people. They need to be solid followers of Christ, flexible, adaptable and teachable.

2.  Meet on a regular basis. Prior to the trip, you should meet monthly to pray, inform, and innovate.

3.  Train the team members.  Provide seminars by experienced missionaries, assign one or two books to read, and studies on spiritual preparation.

4.  Delegate responsibilities. Preparing for short term missions trips is a lot of work. Allow others to help you. Provide opportunities for them to grow and be stretched even before you reach the mission field.

5.  Conduct team building exercises. Look online for ideas on simple activities that you can do to build team unity. Try this link:  Team building games or this one, Free Team Building Games

6.  Communicate often before, during and after the trip. People don’t like to be left in the dark. No surprises. The more you communicate, the more they will follow!

7.  Get feedback. Evaluate the team’s health regularly. Ask for input, ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism.

If you have more tips on how to put together groups for missions trips, leave a comment!


4 responses to “Work to Build Your Group for Short Term Missions Trips

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  3. Great tips! Getting a core group of people is essential. Is it all right to mention this blog, include an excerpt from it, and link back to it?

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