Gospel Trick Shot Ministries and OM Arts Seeking to Work Together

Steve Lillis of Gospel Trick Shot Ministries and OM Arts International (a ministry of Operation Mobilization) have been having fantastic discussions about working together to accomplish one goal: reaching the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Steve Lillis is a world class billiard player and he formed Gospel Trick Shot Ministries to use the sport of billiards to present the Gospel to the nations.

By doing trick shots on the pool table and applying them to Biblical stories and truth, Steve captures audiences everywhere he goes and presents the message of salvation. Steve performs all over the world and hundreds of people have made decisions to follow Christ as a result of this ministry. God has blessed the ministry and it is expanding rapidly. OM Arts International is looking into how it could help Gospel Trick Shot Ministries have additional ministry opportunities in some of the 110 countries in which OM works. As a Christian mission organization that focuses on short term missions trips as well as long term missions, OM has over 5,000 missionaries from over 95 different nations doing evangelism, discipleship and church planting. OM Arts International is exploring how it can assist Gospel Trick Shot Ministries in using this unique art form in countries that understand billiards and are drawn to the sport. Steve will present the Gospel message and follow-up will be done by the local churches in that country. This is an exciting opportunity to work together as the body of Christ and maximize reach and effectiveness to tell the nations about Jesus.

Watch Steve in a recent video from CBN.

For more information about Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, go to www.GospelTrickShot.org 

More information can be found about arts in missions at:  www.arts.om.org

OM Arts International — Excelling in arts in missions
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