OM Officially Launches Huge Mission Ship!

Operation Mobilization has officially launched their newest and largest ship Logos Hope!

OM ship Logos Hope in London

Grand celebrations were held in London on board the ship! Christian volunteers of any age are needed to work on the ship short term and long term.  No prior experience necessary! What a great short term mission trip or long term mission trip opportunity!

George Verwer from OM on board mission ship in London

“God puts the world in your hands. Don’t let it fall down” was an echoing message in the Emmanuel Centre, London, at the end of the Saturday evening event for the Logos Hope London Launch.  Pastor Nims Obunge (Nigeria) challenged people to pray for the world and drove the point home through passing a huge, inflated globe around the audience.  OM Founder George Verwer shared about seven transformational words and finished with the most important one for him – mercy. As the evening came to an end, a Parade of Nations shared some of the cultures of the ship and in prayer some leaders commissioned the crew as it sails to the Caribbean.  Read more about their ship Logos Hope.

Check out their short term mission trips and long term mission trips on board their two ships!


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